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Page-A-Day Print Calendars and Web Site

Where did the Page-A-Day Calendar originate?

Workman, in fact, invented the Page-A-Day® Calendar, which is why you see this "®" symbol on our product and throughout our communication. The first Page-A-Day calendars were announced in the spring of 1979—365 Words-A-Year, 365 Jokes, Puns, and Riddles, and 365 Women-A-Year. Please refer to our About page to read the official story of Page-A-Day.


What are the sizes of your print calendars?

Our Page-A-Day Calendars vary in size by format, and measurements are approximate and may vary slightly by up to ½″.

Page-A-Day Format (including stand): 5 7/8″ height x 5 ⅞″ width x 1 ⅜″ depth

Mini Wall Calendar Format (folded): 7″ height x 7″ width

Engagement/Diary Format (closed): 6 ¼″ height x 9 ¾″ width

Gallery Format: 7 1/8″ height x 6 ¼″ width x 1 ⅜″ depth

Wall Calendar Format (square, folded): 12″ height x 12″ width

Wall Calendar Format (vertical rectangle, folded): 14″ height x 12″ width


How do I buy a Page-A-Day® Calendar if my local store has run out?

Our calendars are published like books—with the same care and attention to detail—and they're also sold like books, although the market expands far beyond the traditional bookstore. You'll find them in the big chain bookstores and independent bookstores, in warehouse clubs, department stores, gift stores, mail-order catalogs, and through online merchants. Click on store at the top of this page, and you'll find our complete calendar offerings for the year as well as the ability the purchase them through the pageaday.com website. International customers may click here to find a list of our global distribution partners.


Calendars make great gifts! Can I buy in bulk?

You can receive a 40%–60% discount on orders of just ten copies or more—it's the gift that offers the most bang-for-your-buck pleasure on the market. Please visit our bulk order page for more information.  Please note, during special promotional periods when our products are already discounted, bulk discounts do not always apply. Please ask for details. 


I have a problem with a print calendar published by Page-A-Day, like a printing error or a problem with the stand. What can I do?

Please email orders@workman.com and we will make it right for you by replacing your broken calendar.


Do you offer technical support?

This FAQs section should answer almost every question. Please read through this page carefully and you will likely find the information you need.

For more technical support, please use our customer support form to contact us. If you can't fill out the form, you can reach us by email at team@pageaday.com. We are happy to help.


Does pageaday.com use Javascript and/or Cookies? What other technical tidbits should I know?

Yes. The site requires that both cookies and Javascript are enabled on your browser. If either of these are disabled, it's possible that you will encounter problems such as missing buttons, graphics that won't load, blank pages, or an inability to complete registration.

If you are using Norton Internet Security (or any sort of fire wall) you'll need to configure it to "allow browser identification." If this does not work, try turning your fire wall off completely. You should then be able to reactivate your daily calendar emails after registering with no adverse effects.


I am not staying logged into my Page-A-Day account. Why is that and what can I do about it?

First, make sure your browser is set to allow cookies. If the settings are correct, and you are still not staying logged in, it is likely that our system is logging you out to protect your personal information and privacy.

Our site balances the need to protect your privacy as a consumer with the convenience of you staying logged into your account. From time to time we will ask you to login again for this reason.


I want to change the email address I use to login.

Please log into your account on the Page-A-Day site and go to: https://www.pageaday.com/account/edit-email.


I want to change the password I use to login.

Please log into your account on the Page-A-Day site and go to: https://www.pageaday.com/account/edit-password.


I forgot my password and want to reset.

Please go to https://www.pageaday.com/register/forgot-password and enter your email address. You will be sent an email with instructions on how to reset your password.


Page-A-Day Free Digital Calendars and Daily Emails

Which Page-A-Day Calendars are available as digital calendars?

Unfortunately, there will be no digital calendars offered in 2018.


Page-A-Day Cat and Dog Photo Contests:

What are the rules for the online cat and dog contests?

You can find the full contest rules here: http://www.pageaday.com/contests/rules.


How do I know that the photo of my pet is high quality/ large enough?

If you are using a modern digital camera, and you upload the photo at the highest resolution, chances are the photo will be high quality. If you don't understand photo optimization, do not attempt to resize the image—most likely this will result in a lower-quality image. All images must be uploaded at the highest quality available in a JPG format. This file has to be at least 300 dpi for the format of the calendar (width: 5.25 inches or height: 5.25 inches). Remember that we can reduce a photo in size successfully, but not enlarge it.


I entered my pet in your weekly contest! Did he or she win? When will I find out?

Our judges get so many entries that sometimes it takes several weeks or longer to get through them. If your pet has been selected for the weekly photo contest, we will let you know a few days before your pet's photo appears in the weekly online contest.

If your pet is chosen to be in our print calendar, we'll notify you by September of the year before. So, if your pet is chosen for the 2017 calendar, you'll be notified by September 2016.

If you have not received notification of your pet's acceptance in our weekly online contest or print calendar, we invite you to enter again the following year.

Our judges must first decide which photos meet their standards for print quality, and then which fit their editorial plan, so your pet still has a great chance of being chosen in the future.

For more details about our judges' criteria, please read the full contest rules.


Does my pet get a prize if he or she wins the weekly online contest?

Weekly online winners receive an email notifying them from our web producer. Pets are displayed in our online Winners Gallery. Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to our winners.