20 Reasons Why Cats are Amazing on National Cat Day

Happy National Cat Day! TODAY, October 29th, is the day that we celebrate our amazing fluffy feline friends.  

National Cat Day  

National Cat Day was established in 2005 by Pet and Family Lifestyle Expert & Animal Welfare Advocate Colleen Paige.

A group of self-professed "overly passionate" cat lovers work hard to raise public awareness of the cats that need to be rescued each year. They also spend the day encouraging cat owners to celebrate the unique bond between feline and human, and do something nice for their pets. 

National Cat Day  National Cat Day

From the National Cat Day website, "We encourage you to spoil your fur baby a little more on National Cat Day than any other day (you don't want them to get too demanding do you?) by buying them a new toy drenched in cat nip, giving them something simply scrumptious to eat, offering LOTS more cuddling and making a donation to  your local shelter in their honor. The best way you can celebrate though is to save a life! So if you can....ADOPT....don't shop. "

So, without further ado, on this holiday of pet-loving holidays, here are the 20 Reasons Why Cats Are Amazing:

  1. Purrs. Nothing is more charming than when a cat happily runs its little furry motor.
  2. Wicked reflexes! In fact, the adjective, "cat-like," is used to describe especially quick people.
  3. Ears. Never have there been more expressive animal ears. From flat down to perked up, every single degree on the way up or down has its own nuacnced meaning. 
  4. Soft, soft fur. Softer than soft. So, so soft.
  5. Whiskers. Twitchy little whiskers.
  6. Teeny tiny nose that can smell cat food a mile away.
  7. They can literally climb walls.
  8. Their leaps range from graceful to ridiculous.
  9. Those little padded feet. 
  10. Pounce! Stalk, stalk, stalk. Pounce!
  11. Curiousity. So much curiousity.
  12. Self-cleaning.
  13. Kittens!
  14. They could care less about you. Humph.
  15. Their hunting abilities rid you of rhodents.
  16. They are little fuzzy heaters.
  17. Howling, yowling, and every meowing sound in between.
  18. They will cuddle you when you need it most. 
  19. Their eyes tell the whole story.
  20. They are a great judge of character.

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