20 Ways to Relax Today

Out on the Porch 2015 CalendarAhhh—breathe a long sigh of relief. It’s Sunday and today is a day to chill out, relax, and regroup. Perhaps yesterday you had a day of productivity, or back-to-back activity, or a late night out. Either way, you probably have to go to work tomorrow and so today is a day of much-needed R&R—as well as a traditional day of rest.

There is, perhaps, no better emblem for R&R than the porch—a cozy place where you can curl up in a rocking chair or well-cushioned outdoor loveseat with a book, watch the passersby, and take in the fresh air. Porch-sitting is a way to bliss out for an entire day. If, however, it’s a little too cold wherever you live for a good porch-sit, there are many other ways to unwind on this fine November Sunday. 

We rounded up 20 ideas to help you sit back, relax, and let the day drift by:

  1. Enjoy some afternoon tea. This English tradition—beloved in the Downton Abbey realm—is a fine excuse to sit for a spell and enjoy good conversation, tea, and cookies and cakes with family and friends. 
  2. Get inspired! Whether it's your church, Oprah's Super Soul Sunday, your local sports team, or the beautiful books in our Inspiration Bundle Sweepstakes, soak up as much motivation, insight, and creativity as you can.
  3. Do a puzzle. Distract yourself from any anxieties or points of stress, and pour your mental capacities into a puzzle—say a crossword, Sudoku puzzle, or brain teaser. It’s an excellent way to give your brain a new challenge, while also getting your mind off anything that’s been bothering you. 
  4. Play a family game. Monopoly, Clue, Memory, or a full-on Risk marathon are guaranteed to result in laughter, friendly competition, and fun.
  5. Hang out with your furry friends. Take your pup out for a hike or give your cat a good rubdown today to reduce your stress levels and have fun. And while you’re at it, vote for the cutest cats and dogs of the year! 
  6. Do some therapeutic writing. If you like to write fiction, start a new big project in honor of National Novel Writing Month. If not, bust out the journal and jot down your thoughts to let it all out! 
  7. If writing’s not your thing, how about some therapeutic reading? There’s nothing like becoming 100% immersed in a fantastic book that transports you to another world. Find a book you love, curl up, and read away.
  8. Visit your local bookstore or library. Wander the quiet and calm aisles and breathe in that delicious book smell. Peruse all the great literature and ideas around you, and find some new books to read.
  9. Take on an artistic or crafty project. Creativity can be a great therapeutic outlet for any stress you’ve got going on. Draw, fold up some origami, or undertake a fun, new DIY project today. 
  10. Pump up your heart rate. While lazing around all day on the couch may seem like a great way to relax (and it often is!), a little exercise can also help you distress and kick stress to the curb. Go for a jog around the neighborhood, play kickball with friends, or pedal off on a trail.
  11. Speaking of exercise, yoga is a great way to debrief and distress after a hectic week. Loosen up muscles tight from sitting at a desk or standing on your feet. Do some deep breathing, and get a workout in all at the same time. Hey, even cats are doing it
  12. Ommmmm. Yes, we’re talking about meditation. An incredible challenge for many, meditation involves getting in the zone, breathing deeply, and focusing. Cross those legs, plant those hands on your knees, shut those eyes, and tune out the rest of the world.
  13. Tap your feet. Dancing is a great way to loosen up your muscles and express yourself—and get lost in the moment. One look at dancers doing their thing in one of Jordan Matter’s beautiful photos will remind you of that. Move those hips, and let the stress flow out. 
  14. Say hello to Mother Nature. Exercise and yoga are great, but they’re even better if you do them in the great outdoors. Whether you’re surrounded by rustling leaves, blossoming flowers, tall trees, or freshly fallen snow, nature can calm you down and give you a “natural high.” 
  15. Go window shopping! You can do walk through the mall or local shops, or you can do it from the comfort of your own home on your laptop or smartphone. If you love fashion, jewelry, or shoes, a little retail therapy—even wishlist retail therapy—goes a long way toward stilling the soul. 
  16. Have a nice leisurely Sunday meal. Spend some time in the kitchen with a little music, a few friends, and some wine. A little time stirring the pot or kneading dough can help you relax. If the idea of being in the kitchen stresses you out more than it brings out your inner Zen, organize a relaxing and delicious meal amongst family and friends. Be it brunch or dinner, find a great place for takeout or an intimate restaurant that whispers, “Relaxxxxxx."
  17. Speaking of Sunday Funday, many folks believe that the definition of a relaxing Sunday naturally includes football. If rooting for your team at your favorite bar helps you relax, get thee to the tavern, don your jersey, and rally on. This is a great day to catch up on your sports stats and trivia from the week before as well! 
  18. Plan a trip. Sometimes, the best days are those spent planning something exciting for the future. The anticipation of all the exciting activities in store can be a stressbuster in and of itself. Browse our Travel Tuesday blog posts for some inspiration.  
  19. Laugh! Whether you need a comedy on TV, a funny book, or a full-on stand-up comedy show at a local club to get you giggling, find your funny nirvana and unwind through a little laughter.
  20. Sit on a porch. That’s where we started this whole relaxation discussion, and that’s where we’ll end it. If you’ve got a porch and it’s warm enough to go out and sit on it, then congratulations. You’ve got a fantastically relaxing day ahead of you. Happy porch-sitting! 

How are you going to relax today? Share your ideas with our stressed-out (but blissful) team of bloggers and social media folks here at Page-A-Day by leaving a comment on this post or connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest

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