Posts from August 2014


Book Lover’s Day is August 9th

As if you needed an excuse. As if you need a reason to sink into your favorite chair and feel the familiar, comfortable weight of your book or ereader. Well,  book lovers, here's the best excuse in the book. It's Book Lover's Day!  Read More »


World Cat Day on the Page-A-Day® Blog

It's World Cat Day! Wait, what is World Cat Day? Gawker says it's, "when we celebrate the neurological/emotional deficiencies that have led us to make decades-long commitments to the feeding and care of irrational predatory sociopaths!" I Can Haz Cheezburger reports, "According to cats, every day should be about celebrating cats..." Read More »


Extreme Cakes Feature: Pink Cake Box in Denville, New Jersey

A dessert makes every occasion better, but an extreme dessert steals the show. Anne Heap proves that cakes can be transformed into true works of art. Anne is the owner of Pink Cake Box Custom Cakes, based in Denville, New Jersey. Her abstract goldfish tank cake, featured in the 2014 Extreme Cakes Mini Page-A-Day® Calendar, is a prime example of her commitment to wild creativity.  Read More »


5 Month Countdown To Season 5 of Downton Abbey

The first season of PBS Masterpiece Theater's Downton Abbey opens in the Edwardian Era, in 1912, a time when fashion was exploding in England and around the world. The Princess of Wales (Mary of Teck, once Dutchess of York, later Queen Mary) was a fashion trendsetter of the time. Her fondness for dramatic diamonds and pearls is reflected in the stunning shimmer and bold, ornate design of pieces from that era.  Read More »