Posts from November 2014


NaNoWriMo. 30 Days, 50,000 Words: Could You Do It?

Your challenge this month, if you choose to accept it, is to write a novel. Yes, a full-length novel. Not a short story. Not a novella. We’re talking 50,000 words, which equates to about 1,667 words daily. If you think about it, November is a fantastic time for National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo. With days growing shorter and temperatures dropping, the writing desk seems an awfully cozy spot Read More »


Your Vote Counts!

Your vote still counts—big time! Vote in our weekly Page-A-Day cat and dog contests. No donkeys or elephants in this race, just the cutest pups and kittens you ever did see. Help make sure the best pet wins each week on our site.  Read More »


November Mind Bender and Solution

Spoiler Alert! This puzzle the November 4th puzzle from Amazing Mind Benders, and the solution is below. It's the calendar that’s like a playground for your brain. Printed in vibrant full color, the Amazing Mind Benders Calendar treats puzzle lovers to a daily word, number, or spatial challenge.  Read More »


November Sweepstakes: the Inspiration Bundle

Inspiration runs deep at Page-A-Day and Workman! Enter for a chance to win our November Inspiration Bundle Sweepstakes and plug in to the beauty, strength, and wisdom of our inspirational books and 2015 calendars. Get every single day off to the best possible start! Read More »


The Ultimate Thanksgiving Game Plan

Whether you're a Thanksgiving procrastinator, or a Thanksgiving planning pro, a calendar is your best weapon against day-of woes and mishaps. There are as many calendars out there to choose from as there are sworn-by family recipes for stuffing. If you want a visual reminder every time you enter your kitchen or office, a wall calendar is the ticket. For those who are ever on-the-go, an engagement calendar can help you make notes and track progress wherever you may be. Read More »


Meet Illustrator Mike Lowrey, Creator of The Kid’s Awesome Activity Calendar

A Q&A with Mike Lowrey, creator of the Kid's Awesome Activity Calendar. 

Lowrey himself is pretty awesome. He's worked on tons of books for lots of different clients and publishers. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his family, and his work has been seen on everything from greetings cards to children’s books to gallery walls. He is a Professor of Illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta.  Read More »