4 Month Countdown To Season 5 of Downton Abbey (in the US, that is)

Stateside, we're pretty envious of UK viewers who get to see Season 5 of Downton Abbey in only a few short days. ITV, the UK equivalent to PBS Masterpiece, begins airing the beloved upstairs/downstairs series about wealth, class, secrets and servitude starting on September 21st!  They've launched this new trailer (a must-watch, though purists may find it contains some spoliers). We're positively alit with anticipation over here in the United States. 

We must calm ourselves and keep our wits about us as we wait for Season 5 to air here on PBS Masterpiece. Here's our plan of action.

First, tea. Lots of tea. It will sooth our nerves but also remind us of the lovely tea services we'll see come January. This month we're drinking from the upstairs collection, though the downstairs collection looks promising as well (and, frankly, a little more down-to-earth)!

Second, games. We play Downton Abbey games and do Downton Abbey puzzles to keep us occupied. We're trying to get our hands on this amazing Downton Abbey dollhouse featured on the PBS Masterpiece Store site! 

Third, gazing through our Downton Abbey Calendars from Page-A-Day®. It's the only way to keep all our chores straight and keep our love alive for all the vibrant characters of Downton Abbey!


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