5 Misconceptions about Feeding Dogs!

Dinner for DogsWhat are the 5 common misconceptions people have about canine nutrition? Henrietta Morrison, author of Dinner for Dogs, answers!

We love this interview with Henrietta Morrison on! This is excerpted from her interview — read the whole article including easy favorite recipes, good cures for possible dog skin allergies, and the importance of local ingredients!

5 Misconcpetions about Feeding Dogs:

  1. Well, we are all guilty of believing the marketing hype on pet food labels and not being picky enough about what exactly is going into our dogs’ stomachs.
  2. Feeding kibble all day, every day is not always the healthiest choice—most kibble is pretty laden with fat in order to make it palatable to dogs. I often think it must be pretty boring to have the same meal every day too! Pet parents are often worried about feeding wet food because of concerns that the poop will be too soft. A really good quality wet food will be made with digestible ingredients so your dog poops a smaller amount and they are easy to pick up too!
  3. That kibble will keep your dogs teeth clean. Nothing beats brushing I’m afraid!
  4. Check the treats you feed you dog! You may be feeding a great diet, then treating your dog with snacks and treats that are full of preservatives, sugars and tons of fat. It’s very simple to make healthy treats you can keep in a jar—and cheaper than buying them.
  5. If your dog has a greasy smelling coat and bad breath it is a lot to do with their diet. This is something that we don’t seem to connect.

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