5 Month Countdown To Season 5 of Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey's Lady Edith - JewelrySeason 5 of Downton Abbey is only 5 months away, and the anticipation is really building. In a July event to promote the show, Michelle Dockery let slip that someone new, "comes to the house and creates havoc." Bring on the havoc!

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The first season of PBS Masterpiece Theater's Downton Abbey opens in the Edwardian Era, in 1912, a time when fashion was exploding in England and around the world. The Princess of Wales (Mary of Teck, once Dutchess of York, later Queen Mary) was a fashion trendsetter of the time. Her fondness for dramatic diamonds and pearls is reflected in the stunning shimmer and bold, ornate design of pieces from that era. 

As the Downton Abbey epic storyline continues into the late 1910's and early 1920's, jewelry design takes on a distinctly Art Noveau and Art Deco look. You'll see Lady Edith and The Countess of Grantham wearing broaches, earrings, and necklaces with strong lines, symmetrical curves, and floral themes appear through this era as well. Also popular during this era are long draping necklaces, called sautoirs, usually made of pearls and ending with a tassel.   

Here's a lovely informational video on the details of Edwardian jewelry and findings from Antique Jewelry University.

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