5 Ways to Feel Zen during the Holidays

Zen ChristmasBetween family members getting into town, party planning, a cooking to-do list that makes your head spin, and all the gift shopping that you still haven't gotten around to, you may feel like you need a vacation—like immediately. How are you supposed to have a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year when you're a giant ball of stress?!

We don't have all the answers, but we do have 5 tips for keeping your cool this holiday season. Oh, and did we mention we also have some calendars that will help you stay cool, calm, and collected?

  1. Enjoy nature. Get outside for a walk and some fresh air, even if it's cold and snowy.
  2. Make lists. Check them twice. This tip isn't just for Santa, it works for all of us gift-givers and holiday planners.

  3. Meditate. Breathe deeply and exhale all your worries. 

  4. Recite a mantra or chant. Try something calming like, "Life is easy and fun," and "Everything is under control."  

  5. Set the stage for calm. Lower the lights, put on an album of light music or nature sounds, and allow yourself to really relax. 

To achieve calm throughout the new year, try the 2015 Zen Page-A-Day® calendar will help you "zen out" with inspirational quotes, stories, and sutras. Sometimes, all you need is that gentle little reminder that everything is going to be okay! The Keep Calm and Carry On Mini Calendar is another great choice to remind you to stay serene. Hang it where you feel the most stressed this holiday season and remember that holidays don't have to be perfect to be perfectly beautiful.

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