6 Perfect Gifts for Very Busy Women

Put down the deeply discounted blender and dust-buster. Step away from the summer sausage gift set. Drop the smelly lotion set or scented candle. 

This post is about gifts for all the women who deserve a thoughtful, kind gift because they work tirelessly to make your life awesome. It's about taking the time to choose just the right gift to delight her, and help her relax for five minutes before she's on to the next project, craft, kid, mission, or cause. 

Though each woman is a snowflake and you'll have to put in the work to choose the perfect gift, here are some suggestions from Page-A-Day—and let me assure you, we know busy, passionate, dedicated women. Every single person on our staff either is or is married to a busy woman, and these gifts officially get our team's stamp of approval. 

Two Tickets to a Show1. Tickets to a Show ~$50

Take her to a live show—not too sad, not too silly, with just enough singing and dancing. Which show? Do a search and find what's playing downtown, or at your local theater. You could even consider high school or college productions if you'd like to try something fun and new. Since very busy women have very busy schedules, ask her ahead of time to reserve the night before buying tickets... and if you want to make it really special, you should be the one to line up the babysitter!

Islands Gallery 365 Calendar2. Islands 2015 Gallery Calendar  - $16.99

Perpetual sunshine, warm sand between your toes, a gentle breeze, water in all varieties of blue. This is a vision of relaxation, calm, peace, and quiet—something that all busy women need more of. Your favorite busy lady can keep this Islands 2015 Gallery Calendar on her desk and practically smell the sea breeze. 

Purse Organizer from Baggitz3. Purse Organizer from Baggitz - $33

This purse organizer lays flat to allow for perfect organization, then rolls up and goes into any size bag! Make it easy for your on-the-go friend to change purses as quickly as possible. Handmade by Etsy shop Baggitz, this purse organizer comes in many different colors to compliment any and every purse.

Mom's Family Desk Planner4. Mom’s Family 2015 Desk Planner - $14.99

Is the busy women in your life a parent? Mom’s Family Desk Planner will give mom, kids and spouse their own section every day, allowing your Host/Hostess to keep their lives organized. Help keep the busy women in your life totally organized by giving her the gift of total family organization!

Gift basket5. Customized Gift Basket - $15-30

Hit a thrift store and find a super cool basket. Then fill it up! Start, probably, with a bottle of champagne. Add a box of her favorite chocolates. You could then go for infused olive oils, spreads, caviar... or how about some new nail polish, a scented candle, and an elegant scarf? Presto! Mix and match your special busy lady's favorite things to create a perfectly customized gift basket — without breaking the bank. Add in some dried flowers or other decorations to make it gorgeous and totally giftable. 

For Women Who Do Too Much6. For Women Who Do Too Much Page-A-Day Calendar - $13.99

Slow down, take stock, remember what truly matters in life. For Women Who Do Too Much is the perennial bestseller that, like a good friend, is always ready with a supportive word, valuable nugget of advice, or refreshing dose of humor. Finding the sacred in every day. Learning to unlearn bad habits (like working too much). And uplifting quotes: “Courage: fear that has said its prayers” (Dorothy Bernard). Daily meditations to help women break the cycle of doing too much, based on the million-copy bestselling book. 

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