97 + Ways to Make Your Pet Love You Even More!

Our pets are so loveable (even the naughtiest Bad Dogs® and Bad Cats®!), and boy do we love to love them back!

If you want some great ideas to make your dog and cat love you even more, have some fun with 97 Ways to Make A Dog Smile and 97 Ways to Make A Cat Like You

Fun activities for dogs!

  • “Subliminal Advertising.” Sneak a favorite word like cookie into an otherwise boring rant.
  • “In a Nutshell.” Play this  classic sleight-of-hand game by hiding a treat under one of three plastic cups. 
  • “The Lawrence Welk.” Dogs love to chase soap bubbles even more than toddlers do. Get fit while playing.
  • “Hansel and Gretel.” For an afternoon of fun, scamper about the house leaving a trail of plain popped popcorn in your wake.

Fun activities for cats!

  • “Eye on the Ball.” Record a tennis match or a Ping-Pong game on TV to play back for your cat when he needs a bit of exercise. 
  • “Cat Burrito.” Wrap your cat in a towel, burrito-style, which is particularly good for anxious pets or trips to the vet.
  • “Boing, Boing!” Wind pipe cleaners around a pencil in a spiral shape to create springs. Carefully slide off the pencil so the spirals go “boing” when pressed.
  • “Tickle, Tickle.” Tickle Kitty under her chin and softly say “gitchy, gitchy, gitchy” in your highest-pitched voice.

97 Ways to Make a Dog Smile97 Ways to Make a Cat Like You

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