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Meet Finley: Our Page-A-Day® Dog of the Week!

Captian, Our Page-A-Day Dog of the Week

Finley is a Goldendoodle who is on a mission to make people happy. He recently received certification for being a canine good citizen and his next step is to become pet therapy certified to help make others lives in the community better.

Congratulations to Finley, our Page-A-Day® Dog of the Week!

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Meet Bunker: Our Page-a-Day® Cat of the Week!

Sasha - This week's Page-A-Day Cat Photo Contest Winner

Bunker is a very aloof cat, but always loves to be near. Whenever I am on the computer, she jumps onto the desk and sits between me and the screen. Here she is lounging on the desk.

Congratulations to Bunker, our Page-a-Day® Cat of the Week!

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Good & Cheap! Delicious Recipes for A Great Cause

Good & Cheap - Eat Well on /DayWhen Leanne Brown moved to New York from Canada to earn a master’s degree in food studies at New York University, she couldn't help noticing the big problem of food insecurity: 46 million Americans have to survive on only $4 a day, the amount provided through SNAP (the US government’s food stamps program). In addition, millions more live under similar constraints—from students, to grads entering the job market, to young families, and even retirees.

Struck by these alarming numbers, she asked herself a critical question: How well can someone really eat on $4 a day? To determine the answer, she took to her kitchen, developing resourceful recipes made of whole, unprocessed foods that promote the joy of cooking and that show just how delicious and inspiring a cheap meal can be when cooked at home.

About the You Buy, We Give program: With the publication of GOOD AND CHEAP, Workman Publishing is partnering with Access Wireless, a Lifeline service provider, offering a free phone and a monthly allotment of airtime to eligible, low-income consumers. Each day, Access Wireless interacts with people who are looking for tools to help improve their circumstances. This partnership allows the “give one” copies to be directly put into the hands of the people who need it most.

These recipes are delicious when served as a side dish with any meal, or used in the recommended way... to top hot dogs! Check out the recipes below.

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Meet Captain: Our Page-A-Day® Dog of the Week!

Captian, Our Page-A-Day Dog of the Week

Captain is from Milwaukee, WI. He enjoys swimming, playing outside in the snow, and going to the dog park. His owner, Meghan, has taught him many tricks, including how to give hugs and flip treats from his nose into his mouth

Congratulations to Captain, our Page-A-Day® Dog of the Week!

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Meet Sasha: Our Page-a-Day® Cat of the Week!

Sasha - This week's Page-A-Day Cat Photo Contest Winner

Sasha is a rescue who wasn't very friendly while in foster care. But within an hour of arriving at her new home, she became a purring lap cat. At 10, she is still as playful as a kitten, batting at her catnip toys or leaping at anything dangled from a stick.

Congratulations to Sasha, our Page-a-Day® Cat of the Week!

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All-American Pet Photo Day is July 11th! Take an Unforgettable Photograph

July 11th is All-American Pet Photo DayAre your pet photos truly unforgettable? July 11th is the day to step up your pet photo game. 

Take a great photo of your pet on July 11th, and don't forget to enter your best dog or cat photos in the Page-A-Day Weekly Pet Photo Contests! Winners get a free digital calendar and consideration for our 365 Cats or 365 Dogs print calendars. Enter now! 

Starting July 7th, you can use the discount code PETPHOTO30 to save 30% on The Unforgettable Photograph: 228 Ideas, Tips, and Secrets for Taking the Best Pictures of Your Life, by photographer George Lange (

Here are some great tips from The Unforgettable Photograph!

The Unforgettable PhotographTip #65: Get a Dog's Eye View.

Move to the Main Subject’s Eye Level

With shots like these, you don’t know what you have until you review the images afterward. Shoot lots, trying to keep your focus on the thing, the person, or the animal that is the focus.

Tip #150: Play Outside with People (and Pets).

Outdoor light can mimic beautiful studio or indoor light if it’s diffused to eliminate hard shadows: by clouds, by the natural filtering effect of the sky very early in the day or at dusk, or by something you put between subject and sun, such as a sheet of cloth or a tent. 

Photograph from The Unforgettable Photograph  Photo from The Unforgettable Photograph 

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Meet Mako: Our Page-a-Day® Cat of the Week!

Mako - This week's Page-A-Day Cat Photo Contest Winner

Mako is 11 years old and blind in one eye since he was a kitten rescued next to a dumpster in a parking lot in the US, but remains very active and spry. In this photo he is enjoying a nap in the sun after a VERY long journey moving from South Carolina to Australia. There are a lot of "hoops" to jump through moving animals to another country, but well worth it! They love their new home!

Congratulations to Mako, our Page-a-Day® Cat of the Week!

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Meet Monty: Our Page-A-Day® Dog of the Week!

Monty, Our Page-A-Day Dog of the Week

He may be almost 14 years old, but Monty still acts like a puppy! We rescued him when he was 8 weeks old and his favorite thing to do is throw his tennis ball down the stairs and run to catch it

Congratulations to Monty, our Page-A-Day® Dog of the Week!

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Meet Napoleon: Our Page-a-Day® Cat of the Week!

Napoleon - This week's Page-A-Day Cat Photo Contest Winner

Napoleon loves to be outside to play with his friend Pedro and hunt. He trills when he wants you to pick him up and purrs loudly. His favorite place to sleep is in bed stretched out next to you or in the bathroom sink. It was my lucky day when this sweet stray kitten came to my house!

Congratulations to Napoleon, our Page-a-Day® Cat of the Week!

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Enter for a Chance to Win the Ultimate Summer Smarts Bundle Sweepstakes!

Scroll down to enter for a chance to win the Ultimate Summer Smarts Bundle Sweepstakes, featuring awesome activities for clever kids. 

Ultimate Summer Smarts Bundle Sweepstakes

One (1) winner will receive the Ultimate Summer Smarts Bundle Sweepstakes prize featuring the following books: Recycled Robots, Colossal Paper Machines, Papertoy Monsters, Brain Quest Workbook Grade 4, Brain Quest Workbook Grade 5, Brain Quest Black History, Brain Quest Presidents, and Brain Quest America!

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About Recycled Robots (Retail Price $24.95)

Robots and kids: a perfect combination... this book gets to the essence of creativity and imaginative problem-solving and shows how to be an inventor, designer, and engineer all in one. Transform a leftover action figure into Armorbot. Start with a few paper cups, and presto, Cupbot. Repurpose cardboard boxes and tubes into the endlessly adaptable Boxbot—it even has a rotating head. 

About Colossal Paper Machines (Retail Price $24.95)

What a big idea! And what big fun: A whopping oversize book of interactive paper models to appeal to every kid who loves big machines—which pretty much covers all of them. The book has everything the reader needs to pop out, fold, and create a full-color model of ten big machines: a dump truck, space shuttle, excavator, ladder truck, front loader, concrete mixer, and more!

About Papertoy Monsters (Retail Price $18.95)

A breakthrough paper-folding book for kids—paper airplanes meet Origami meets Pokemon. Created and curated by Brian Castleforte, a graphic designer and papertoy pioneer who rounded up 25 of the hottest papertoy designers from around the world (Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Italy, Croatia, Chile, even Jackson, Tennessee), Papertoy Monstersoffers 50 fiendishly original die-cut designs that are ready to pop out, fold, and glue.

About the Kid’s Awesome Activity Wall Calendar 2016 (Retail Price $14.99):

This is the colorful and completely interactive activity calendar for girls and boys, designed to spark creativity and celebrate the joy of DIY. Each month, The Kid's Awesome Activity Calendar delivers a lively—but unfinished—scene rife with artistic possibility. Kids will be inspired to make it their own through coloring, drawing, and decorating with over 300 included stickers. 

About Brain Quest Workbook, 4th Grade (Retail Price $12.95):

Jam-packed with hundreds of curriculum-based activities, exercises and games in every subject, Brain Quest Grade 4 Workbook reinforces what kids are learning in the classroom. The workbook's lively layout and easy-to-follow explanations make learning fun, interactive, and concrete. Plus it's written to help parents follow and explain key concepts. Includes language arts, word searches and crosswords, idea clusters, multiplication and division, story problems, geometry, graphs, time lines, Brain Boxes, and much more.

About Brain Quest Workbook, 5th Grade (Retail Price $12.95):

The workbook covers spelling and vocabulary, writing, social studies, science, and more. Written in consultation with the Brain Quest Advisory Panel of award-winning teachers specific to each grade level, and with all content aligned with Common Core standards. Plus fun stuff: Each workbook comes with a mini-deck with 100 all-new Brain Quest questions and answers.

About Brain Quest America (Retail Price $11.95): 

Brain Quest just keeps getting smarter! Brain Quest America has been thoroughly updated with fresh and appealing designs for the cards and revised content—that’s hundreds of brand-new questions.

About Brain Quest Black History (Retail Price $11.95):

From Selma to the State Department, Sojourner Truth to Kofi Annan and a language called Xhosa—how well do you know black history? What singer was known as "the Empress of the Blues"? Why the Missouri Compromise? Challenge yourself, challenge your friends, challenge your parents. Black History celebrates 5,000 years of heroism, culture, struggle and achievement.

About Brain Quest Presidents (Retail Price $11.95):

Which President doubled the size of the U.S. with the Louisiana Purchase? How does a President get takeout pizza? Brain Quest Presidents delivers 850 fascinating questions and answers about the highest office in the land, and the men who have held it.

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June Mensa® Brain Puzzler and Solution

Spoiler Alert! This puzzle the June 23rd puzzle from Mensa® Brain Puzzler, and the solution is below.

This puzzle is from Mensa 365 Brain Puzzlers 2015 Page-A-Day Calendar —the bestselling calendar that delivers a year of engaging and entertaining mental conundrums tough enough to be sanctioned by Mensa, the internationally famous high-IQ society. Every day is a logic game, math riddle, word puzzle, or spatial challenge guaranteed to make the brainiac sweat. 

If you want to print this puzzle, use your browser's print function to print this blog post.

June Mensa Brain Puzzlers

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Meet Willie: Our Page-A-Day® Dog of the Week!

Willie, Our Page-A-Day Dog of the Week

We adopted Willie from Adopt-A-Pet. He was there with his sister and they had been badly abused. It's hard for me to comprehend how anyone could beat such little babies. Unfortunately Willie developed severe Epilepsy very possibly from the head trauma he received when he was beaten. He passed away at 3yrs of age due to the epilepsy. He was the life of the party and a snuggle bunny to boot. We miss him very much.

Congratulations to Willie, our Page-A-Day® Dog of the Week!

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