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Meet the American Godmother of Origami

Origami USA Paper CraneFor just over a fortnight, OrigamiUSA leads the world in a celebration of the art of origami. World Origami Days commences annually on October 24, the day Lillian Oppenheimer, the founder of the first American origami group, was born in 1898, and ends on November 11, when the paper crane became a national symbol of peace in Japan.

In honor of World Origami Days, let’s take a look at the wonderful, origami-filled life that Oppenheimer led. “Why should the Japanese have all the fun?” Oppenheimer asked. She answered that question first by founding the Origami Center of America in Gramercy Park in Manhattan. That organization eventually evolved into OrigamiUSA, the host of World Origami Days.

Oppenheimer enjoyed another fun hobby during her life: puppets. In a fusion of her two passions, she made puppets out of origami to tell stories. Later, she would go on to write books about origami, paper napkin folding and puppets, some in partnership with the late famous Lamb Chops puppeteer Shari Lewis. You can learn more about Oppenheimer in a series of videos on OrigamiUSA’s website that feature her reminiscing about her life and passion for origami.

Origami Seal, Credit David Masters Origami T Rex, Credit Stewart Butterfield

So how does one celebrate World Origami Days and partake in this passion of Oppenheimer's? Besides enjoying the Origami Page-A-Day® calendar, there are a few big celebration of the paper arts, such as the Ultimate Origami Convention from October 31-November 2 in France, or the OrigaMIT’s Convention on November 8 in Massachusetts.

You can also buy your own origami set and fold at home. The Joy of Origami breathes fresh energy into the art form with fun patterned paper and 57 different projects that create everything from a T-Rex to an elephant in pajamas. Star Wars fans can make Darth Vader, Yoda and Princess Leia come to life with the Star Wars® Origami set, custom-designed with art from the movies.

Take origami on vacation—or find a way to keep your kids occupied in the back seat during road trips—with Origami On the Go, which will keep idle hands busy and happy.

Page-A-Day 2015 Origami Calendar  Origami on the Go

#ThrowbackThursday: Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Season Five is just around the corner (we began the three-month countdown just a few days ago!), but the real era in which the upcoming season takes place was long, long ago, during the Roaring ‘20s in England. This Thursday, we’re doing a throwback to the fashions that we anticipate the lovely ladies of Downton Abbey might wear in the new season. Their pre-'20s fashions are showcased in the Downton Abbey Page-A-Day® calendar.

While the show began in the World War I, Post-Edwardian Era, the cultural landscape around our favorite characters is changing next season—and with it, fashion is changing, too. Hemlines are rising, waistlines are descending toward the hips, and corsets are so 1918. Men’s outfits didn’t evolve quite so drastically. White collar workers still wore suits to the office, and for evening affairs.

So how will the new haute couture of the ‘20s affect the ladies of Downton Abbey?

Prim and proper, Mary, the eldest daughter, might not change her attire as quickly as the more daring ladies of the time. Perhaps she’ll entice her male counterparts with an ankle-bearing hemline of her skirt and a bit of beaded embroidery in her evening wear.

Lady Edith might complement her red hair with a crimson-beaded tulle gown to wear out and about. In a few years, maybe she’ll spring for a fashionable bob haircut, too. During the day, she might don a dress with a waist that sits below her navel rather than above, or is more flowing in flapper-style.

Sybil, the youngest of the Crawleys, will probably be rather eager to do away with the corsets that women previously were expected to wear. Why should women have to squeeze themselves into breath-restraining bodices, when men can be comfortable in suits? We bet her hemlines are heading north, too.

The older female generations of the Crawley family might be less apt to jump on the racy new fashions of the time. Perhaps they’ll shake things up with fur-lined winter coats in bolder hues, and cloche hats—al the rage at the time. A cloche hat, which means “bell” in French, is a bell-shaped hat that clung to the head.

You can throwback to Downton, too, since Halloween’s just around the corner. Dress up as one of your favorite Downton ladies as you suspect they’ll dress in Season Five, or just go as a sassy flapper across the pond in the U.S. 

Get some fashion inspiration for yourself with the Downton Abbey Calendars from Page-A-Day®


Downton Abbey Page-A-Day Calendar Downton Abbey Engagement Calendar

Typography Takes to the Big Screen

We use fonts every time we type up a document or design an invitation, but how often do we really thinking about the way the letters look on the page? Some people actually think about that a lot. Typographers think about fonts just about everyday, dreaming up and designing new looks for our alphabet. Some fonts even have diehard fans.

For example, Helvetica is the subject of a full-length 2007 documentary of the same name about typography, and specifically, about the storied font. Invented in 1957, Helvetica the font is still very popular today and considered by many to be the best font around.

Two years later, typography enjoyed another cinematic nod in the documentary Typeface, which actually covered broader subjects of design and technology.

Of course, Page-A-Day® also cares a good deal about fonts. That’s why we have the Just Type Page-A-Day® calendar, which will get you acquainted with the wonderful world of fonts out there.

Now, go forth and type—just make sure you choose the right font! 

Just Type - Typography CalendarJust Type - Typography Calendar

Meet Koko Bean: Our Page-A-Day® Dog of the Week!

Koko Bean, Page-A-Day Dog of the WeekKoko Bean is a 5 year old male Pom who is the most dedicated and loyal pup that I have ever had. Food is his best friend and he cleans up better than any vacuum cleaner on earth! He also loves to help himself to the garden vegetables and dragging barbie dolls around by their hair. But most of all, he loves cuddling in his bed with his stuffed animal Pom named Baby :)

Congratulations to Koko Bean, our Page-A-Day® Dog of the Week!

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Which Page-A-Day® dog calendar is right for you?

Dog Gallery Calendar Page-A-Day365 Puppies a Year Page-A-Day Calendar

Meet Lacey: our Page-a-Day® Cat of the Week!

Lacey - This week's Page-A-Day Cat Photo Contest Winner

I was born on the day my "Uncle Shaun" graduated from high school. I have 4 siblings that live with me & my human parent. I'm shy, but very sweet on my human mom because she takes the extra time to understand me. My favorite thing to do is sleep in the sunlight or curl up by my human mom.

Congratulations to Lacey, our Page-a-Day® Cat of the Week!

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Which Page-A-Day® cat calendar is right for you?

Bad Cat Page-A-Day Calendar

Kitty Yoga: The Purrrfect Position

Cat YogaMonday is a great day to start off the week on the right foot by sticking to all of your goals for the week. You wake up when your alarm goes off—instead of hitting snooze a bazillion times. You remember to eat breakfast. You eat a healthy lunch. On the commute home, you don’t freak out in traffic. If you’re being really disciplined, you even hit up the yoga studio on the way home, and unwind, stretch out and work out with some poses.

Kittens like to start off the week with a wellbeing-filled #MeowMonday, too. To prove it, they’re busting out the yoga mats and asanas.

This little kitty is learning all about flexibility and balance through its yoga practice. Check out the video of it attempting poses, occasionally with human assistance …



(Photo Credit: Flickr, Francis Luong)

(Photo Credit: Flickr, Redazadi)

(Photo Credit: Flickr, Tammy Strobel)

(Photo Credit: Flickr, Jason Riedy)

Yoga might even help shape your kitten into a well-behaved, lovely adult cat. The Kitten Owner’s Manual will help you give you other ideas on how to help your kitten learn good manners and habits in its formative years.

Which Page-A-Day® cat calendar is right for you?

Bad Cat Page-A-Day Calendar

Celebrating Sloth International Day!

Sloths: slow, silly, and super cute! The Washington Post noted, "Sloths are the new kittens." At Page-A-Day®, we celebrate sloths at every opportunity, and today is a VERY good one... Sloth International Day!

This observance of the fuzzy animals of South America was started in 2010 by a non-government organization AIUNAU. The group supports science and conservation efforts, and provides rehabilition of animals who are hurt by poachers or by deforestation.

From their Facebook page post about Sloth International Day, "Our main purpose at AIUNAU is to bring the world of sloths to common people, educating about their role in the natural and threatened ecosystems of South America. It is very important to emphasize that only in the forest of their origin are they able to fulfill their function and successfully continue their evolution."

Here's a video of a sloth eating:

And here are some incredible pictures of sloths:

International Sloth Day International Sloth Day - Sloths kissing

(Photo Credit: Dave Gingrich via Flickr, left, and Jenny Jozwiak via Flickr, right)

Baby Sloth in a Bathtub - International Sloth Day

(Photo Credit: Matt MacGillivray via Flickr)

Hanging with Sloths - 2015 Animal Calendar Page-A-Day

Celebrating the Gorgeous Flora and Fauna of Alaska

Happy Alaska Day - October 17thHappy Alaska Day! The glorious state to the north is a well-preserved testament to our country’s wild beauty. Of course, there are other beautiful places around the country, but Alaska has the greatest land and water areas of any state in the U.S. Not only is it home to glaciers, grizzly bears, and dense forests, but it also boasts the largest mountain in North America: Mt. Denali, or Mt. Mckinley.

An entire national park surrounds this 20,322-foot mountain. It’s called Denali after the mountain, and it draws throngs of tourists to its sweeping base area, and climbers to its staggering peak. You can check it out along with more of our country’s beautiful, rugged National Parks in the Audubon National Parks Page-A-Day® wall calendar.

Before Denali’s rocky peak ascends above tree line, there are quite a few remarkable native tree species to ogle. Coniferous black and white spruce trees, black cottonwoods, and quaking aspens grow in the lowlands and around Denali’s rivers. If you love everything about trees, you’ll probably also love the Audubon World of Trees Page-A-Day® wall calendar.

Amidst Denali’s trees, hawks, eagles, falcons, owls and woodpeckers flutter branch to branch, and find nooks to build their nests in. If you’ve ever gone bird-watching, you know how captivating it is to observe a bird going about its business, singing songs, feedings its baby birds and gliding through the air. Do a little bird watching every time you look at the calendar with the Audubon Birds Gallery Page-A-Day® calendar, or the Audubon Songbirds & Other Backyard Birds Page-A-Day® calendar.

American Bald Eagle - Alaska

In the summertime, many species of wildflowers blossom up around Denali National Park. Red, blue, and yellow, Alpine Azaleas, Primroses, and Alaskan Poppies light up Denali’s gorgeous hiking trails with color and scent. Bring a little wild floral essence to your daily schedule with the Audubon Wildflowers Page-A-Day® wall calendar.

Alaskan Poppies - Denali Flowers

If you happen to enjoy vacationing in wild places like Denali or other National Parks, but need to stay on top of work while you’re gone, the Audubon Engagement Page-A-Day® calendar can help you manage your work obligations from far, far away.

So if you can’t make it to Alaska on its national day, appreciate its beauty through Page-A-Day® calendars

Audubon National Parks The World of Trees - Audubon Calendar Audubon - Wildflowers Audubon Songbirds

A Special Offer from Mensa and Page-A-Day

American Mensa Logo

National Mensa Testing Day is October 18th!

To celebrate its 68th year, Mensa celebrates Membership Month this October. American Mensa members can be found in all walks of life. The group's website explains, "Members of American Mensa range in age from 2 to 102. They include engineers, homemakers, teachers, actors, athletes, students and CEOs, and they share only one trait — high intelligence." Uncover more about this quirky, quizzical and quintessential organization for the brainy at

To qualify for Mensa, potential members take a test given by an official proctor. Test-takers who score in the top 2 percent of the general population on an accepted standardized intelligence test are granted membership into the exclusive big-brained group. One in 50 people qualify. Why not you?

An important part of Mensa's Membership Month is Mensa Testing Day, which will be celebrated this year on Saturday, Oct. 18.  American Mensa will host deeply discounted test sessions across the United States to mark the occasion. There are more than 70 testing sessions scheduled nationwide on Saturday, Oct. 18. Find a testing session near you by visiting

Page-A-Day® is proud to team up with Mensa to bring you challenging crossword and brain puzzle calendars. These daily quizzes are not just fun and difficult: they will also keep your thinking skills sharp as you approach real-life problem-solving situations. 

A Special Offer from Mensa and Page-A-Day®

Mensa and Page-A-Day® want to offer great thinkers and puzzle lovers an unique deal to celebrate Membership Month. With these two coupon codes, you can get the Mensa Home Test (a great way to practice and prepare for the official exam) at a huge discount (the normally $18 test is a mere $5 with the coupon code), along with three free months of the Page-A-Day® Mensa Brain Puzzles digital email calendar. This calendar delivers a tricky puzzle straight to your email inbox each day to engage, entertain, and stump you.  

Take advantage of this special offer right away! 

Regular price for online MENSA HOME PRACTICE TEST: $18, with code: $5 

Just visit: and use the code CAL15 to save! This coupon code expires January 31, 2015.

To start receiving your FREE daily 2014 365 Brain Puzzles digital email calendar, use the code BRAI-2753158692 when you register your account at Page-A-Day®. This is valid from October 17, 2014 - December 31, 2014.


2015 Calendar Mensa 10-minute crossword puzzles from Page-A-Day®2015 Calendar Mensa 365 Brain Puzzles

The Secret Tool of All Great Bosses: A Good Calendar

October 16th is Boss's Day, and this day is dedicated to all the great bosses out there.

If you have a great boss, let them know how highly you think of him or her today! If you are a great boss, give yourself a pat on the back. While all good leaders have their secrets to success, at the core of their abilities usually lies a fine-tuned system for staying organized.

Maybe that organization system includes a series of really good to-do lists made at the beginning of each week or each day. Perhaps it’s an incredibly efficient assistant who keeps them on top of their daily schedule. However, the secret behind every leader's abilities is a good calendar—a portable, easy-to-use calendar that can be towed from meeting to meeting and office to office, and used as a receptacle for every event, appointment and reminder.

This is where Page-A-Day® comes in with our line of engagement calendars to help bosses, employees, stay-at-home parents, artists, students, and everyone in between cross the line from average to great. Spiral-bound, these calendars couldn’t be easier to flip through, and also lay flat so you can comfortably write down all the details of the event you’re recording upon the pages. Here are a few of our favorite engagement calendars to buy for yourself or your boss.

2015 Downton Abbey Engagement Calendar2015 Audubon Engagement Calendar2015 Fashion Engagement Calendar2015 Shoes Engagement Calendar

How to win friends and influence people … with big words

365 New Words a Year - Page-A-DayWhen used correctly, dropping a big word into a paper, report or essay can be a showstopper: impressive and memorable. If your readers know the word, they’ll be excited that you know it, too, and actually thought to use it! If they don’t know the word, they might just look it up and be awed at your expansive vocabulary. Slip a million dollar words into an oral presentation or everyday conversation, and you’re bound to turn some heads.

The best way to build your vocabulary is to learn a new word every day. How manageable is that? Every morning, you read a new word in the 365 New Words-A-Year Page-A-Day® calendar. Then you repeat it to yourself as you head to work. Throughout the day, you try to use it in a sentence here and there. Ta-dah, just like that, you’ve expanded your vocabulary. One new word might not seem like a big deal, but how about 365? Now, we’re talking.

So celebrate Dictionary Day (October 16th, in honor of lexicographer Noah Webster's birthday) with our five favorite big words to win friends and influence people. Make sure you really learn what they mean so that you use them correctly. The definitions below are from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.

  • Ennui: a lack of spirit, enthusiasm, or interest. (During the professor’s tirade on quantum mechanics, she became overcome with ennui.) 
  • Panacea: something that will make everything about a situation better. (As it turned out, a nightly glass of wine was not a panacea for all of her stress and problems.) 
  • Aegis: the power to protect, control, or support something or someone. (After his difficult year in his own apartment, he was tempted to move back home under his mother’s aegis).
  • Clandestine: done in a private place or way; done secretly. (The mayor’s clandestine meetings with the new mining corporation were cause for public concern.) 
  • Logorrhea: excessive and often incoherent talkativeness or wordiness. (He was a poor listener, and her logorrhea eventually drove him to the brink of insanity.) 

365 New Words a Year365 New Words A Day - Page-A-Day

Celebrate Earth Science Week

Earth Science Week!Calling all science enthusiasts and nerds! In case you didn’t know it, we are right smack dab in the middle of National Earth Science Week (October 12-18, 2014).

Today, October 15th, is National Fossil Day, and the week is filled with events and observances that will pique the interest of any lover of earth science.

The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) first established this week back in 1998 to get the public excited about earth sciences, and to promote good stewardship of our planet. Each year, AGI creates a theme for the week, and this year it’s “Earth’s Connected Systems.”

Here’s the schedule for the week, and some ideas on how to celebrate for the days that lie ahead.

  • Sunday, October 12: International Earthcache Day. Have you ever heard of geocaching? If you haven’t, it’s basically like a big outdoor treasure hunting game where you use GPS to search for your treasure or “cache.” If you missed an Earthcache event on Sunday, look for a future one coming up in your area. 
  • Monday, October 13: Earth Science Literary Day. Learn the Earth sciences ropes with a series of nine videos with beautiful footage, that you can still view on YouTube. 
  • Tuesday, October 14: No Child Left Inside Day. AGI helped local organizations create outdoor events for kids. If you missed an event, but have children teach them about flora and fauna on a nature hike or by a lake.
  • Wednesday, October 15 (Today!): National Fossil Day. Head to your local natural history museum to check out some dinosaur footprint fossils, or check out this Dinomazes book, full of prehistoric fossil mazes.
  • Thursday, October 16: Geoscience for Everyone Day. This day is about exposing youth to the profession of geoscientist. If you’re a teacher, bring a geoscientist into your classroom to talk to your students about what they do. You can also get your kids interested in scientific careers by creating fun science experiments at home using the 365 Simple Science Experiments with Everyday Materials (best for ages 9-12).
  • Friday, October 17: Geologic Map Day. On the USGS website, find a geologic map of where you live. 

Don’t let all the knowledge you gained during Earth Sciences week slip away! Keep the lessons alive with The Elements Page-A-Day® calendar, a gorgeous exploration of every known atom in the universe. Our resident Elements expert also has several books and kits for scientists of all ages and interest levels. 

The Elements 2015 CalendarThe Elements 2015 Calendar by Theodore Gray

Theodore Gray's Elements VaultElements - Photographic Card Deck

If you love Elements, don't miss Theodore Gray's new Molecules book:

Molecules: The Elements and the Architecture of Everything by Theodore Gray  

Still curious? Check out the geology of other planets with our Solar System Page-A-Day® calendar. The vibrant colors of our neighboring planets, moons and other bodies glow against black backgrounds.

Solar System 2015 CalendarSolar System 2015 Calendar - Back

Meet Duke: Our Page-A-Day® Dog of the Week!

Duke, Page-A-Day Dog of the WeekDuke is our beloved Cavapoo! He is "Mr. Social Butterfly" and loves everyone he meets. When he greets you, you may think that his tail is going to wag off his body. He is a best friend to our children, Brynn and Nate. Brynn has participated in training classes with him and Nate is his playmate. They love to play ball together! We wonder now why we waited so long to bring a "Duke" into our family and cannot imagine life without him. He personifies "unconditional love" for his humans.

Congratulations to Duke, our Page-A-Day® Dog of the Week!

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Which Page-A-Day® dog calendar is right for you?

Dog Gallery Calendar Page-A-Day365 Puppies a Year Page-A-Day Calendar

Weekend Fun for Puzzle Lovers — Sudoku

Sudoku Puzzle Pad - Page-A-Day

Solving a sudoku puzzle offers a great solo challenge. It's just you vs. the puzzle for however long it take you to solve the Sudoku grid at hand! Except, that is, for when you need some help. When you get stuck, online forums and blogs from fellow Sudoku enthusiasts can be a great place to turn.

We've assembled some of our favorite tips for the game to help you solve the puzzles in the Sudoku Page-A-Day® Notepad and Calendar.

  • Move it Along! “Sudoku rewards the 'roving eye,'” so don't park your gaze in one little quadrant. Let your eyes migrate around the grid to scan for new solutions throughout. (From
  • Harvest “Low-Hanging Fruit.” You've probably heard that phrase before with regards to saving money or tackling a problem in stages, but it applies to Sudoku, too. A big empty grid with lots of white space can be an intimidating sight. Take a deep breath, and start by filling in the easy stuff. That puzzle will look a lot less menacing with a few more digits filled in. (From
  • Search for the Inevitable. Look for the only choice possible. In certain puzzles, there's only one square where a number can possibly fit. Look carefully to find opportunities where a 7 can literally only go in one cell in the row, like in this example. (From Sudoku Essentials
  • Warm-Up. While jumping jacks might help you get your puzzle-solving juices flowing, we're really talking about knocking out a few super easy puzzles before you tackle a hard one. This will help you recall your puzzle-solving skills, and build up your confidence for the real deal.

Got any tips of your own for solving Sudoku? Share them in the comments section on this blog post!

If you'd like to see the solution to either of these puzzles, email us at


The Big Book of  Visual Sudoku

Purse Lovers Unite on National Handbag Day

Friday, October 10th is the newly ordained day of observations for purses, clutches, totes, and everything in between... celebrate National Handbag Day with the style experts at and Bloomingdale's. You can join in on the festivities by snapping a photo of yourself with your favorite bag and uploading with the hashtag #NationalHandbagDay! is so obsessed with handbags that they not only named a holiday for them... they're also giving away this gorgeous burgandy Fendi bag. Be still my heart!

National Handbag Day Giveaway -

Enter on


Our Top 5 Handbags

There are so many fabulous handbags to choose from, so many styles to make purse lovers swoon and melt... but here are the TOP 5 that we are over the moon about from our 2015 Handbags Galley Calendar.

#5 Leather "Polena" bag with Plexiglas and leather applique, Arnoldo & Battois, 2013

The burst of color and fun inkblot-esque design make this bag both beautiful and fun.

2015 Handbags Calendar


#4 Tooled leather "Number One Four Zero" hobo bag with suede trim, t smith knowles, 2013

This bag is reminiscent of eras past, but still modern and sensual with its leather and suede. 

2015 Handbags Calendar


#3 "Heroine" structured calf-leather bag with suede sides, Alexander McQueen, 2013

This bag is the superhero of handbags. Its lines and curves, its drama and contrast, its form and function all lead us to believe it will triumph against evil. 

2015 Handbags Calendar


#2 "Lady Mia" bag with smooth leather body and suede top flap and handles, Karen K, 2013

The color and simple style of this bag represent everything we want from the year to come: grace, boldness, beauty, and efficiency.

2015 Handbags Calendar

#1  Leather "Anzari" bag with utility pouches, zippered pockets, and straps, Lorna Nixon, 2013

Army surplus meets high fashion with this stylish, show-stopping bag. It feels young and energetic, and the lines and movement add a tacticle sensuality to this lovely creation. 

2015 Handbags Calendar

2015 Handbags CalendarAbout Handbags 2015 Gallery Calendar

It’s like carrying a new handbag every day of the year. Handbags is a showcase of pure, heart-stopping style. Photographed in full color, here are hundreds of gorgeous satchels, totes, clutches, hobos, and minaudières to lust over. From the classic silhouettes to the newest cutting-edge designs, each one demonstrates the power of the purse.

The New Yorker Festival Starts Today

Attention New Yorkers, and all lovers of The New Yorker magazine and website!

The New Yorker Festival is starting today, October 10, 11, and 12! It is a thrilling festival that celebrates writing and wisdom, and honors the journalism that tracks our shifting society and culture.

The festival is packed with sessions and talks by famous thinkers including Stephen Sondheim, Adam Gopnik, Randy Newman, Susan Morrison,  Evan Goldberg, Seth Roden, and Andy Borowitz. In New York City tonight, Bill Hader will talk with Lizzie Widdiecombe about breaking character, and Lena Dunham will talk with Ariel Levy in a session aptly named, "Ask Lena." 

One particular session that will especially appeal to our fans at Page-A-Day is You, the Jury: Cats vs. Dogs. That's right... celebrities and contributors to The New Yorker will weigh in on which species will win the struggle for the title of best household pet. Here's the full description of this panel from The New Yorker Festival website: "ANTHONY LANE will lead a team in defense of felines. ADAM GOPNIK will lead a team in defense of canines. DAVID REMNICK, the judge, will preside. Supporting arguments and readings from JILL ABRAMSON, BILL BERLONI, JERRY COYNE, JESSE EISENBERG, MALCOLM GLADWELL, ALEXANDRA HOROWITZ, ANTHONY HUTCHERSON, ARIEL LEVY, and JOYCE CAROL OATES. Cats and dogs will take the stand. May the best domestic animal win."

For more details on the full festival schedule, you can browse the full schedule of events

The New Yorker Festival

What's special about The New Yorker? Big ideas and immersive coverage, according to this interview with Brian Lehrer and David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker (warning: Lehrer and Remnick both chime in with opposing views on the much-debated Oxford comma during this interview). The magazine has made a name for itself by publishing quality social and political commentary, criticism, essays, fiction, satire, cartoons, and poetry. It stokes intellectual thought and allows reporters to reach depth in their stories. It is a unique and widely popular magazine that makes people laugh, think, cry, and reconsider their views. 

The New Yorker Daily Cartoon

Cartoon from the Daily Cartoon Archives of The New Yorker.

What are people saying about The New Yorker Festival? Follow it on Twitter — if you are attending the festival, please write in to us on Facebook or Tweet us @pageadaycal and tell us your impression of the festival!

Browse our calendars with The New Yorker:

The New Yorker Covers Gallery CalendarThe New Yorker Covers Poster Calendar 2015 The Complete Cartoons of The New YorkerThe Best of the Rejection Collection

#ThrowbackThursday: Renoir’s Ladies

Renoir - Throwback Thursday - Art Gallery CalendarFeeling nostalgic for the classic paintings of yesteryear? Looking at one too many abstract, postmodernist works of art might have that effect. For #ThrowbackThursday, we're revisiting an oldie but goodie from French painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

The title of the Renoir oil painting featured today in the Art Gallery Page-A-Day® calendar is “Jenues filles au piano” (Girls at the Piano). It's a WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) of a title that features a blonde in a white dress playing the piano, with a brunette in a pink dress leaning upon her chair, glancing at the music book.

Renoir completed the painting in 1892 under commission by the Musée du Luxembourg. If you've seen prints and postcards, and are dying to see the real thing, it's on display in rotation at the Musée d'Orsay and the Musée de l'Orangerie in Paris, and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

This painting showcases the fact that Renoir was a fan of all things beautiful and feminine. This predilection of Renoir's was no secret—he often depicted pretty women in flouncy dresses adorned with flowers.

In spite of his love affair with the female form, Renoir didn't wed until the age of 49. His wife, Aline Victorine Charigot, had served as a model for Renoir, and already given him a child five years prior to their marriage. She is even pictured in what is perhaps Renoir's most famous painting, “Luncheon of the Boating Party” (hint: she's the girl on the left in the flowered hat playing with the pup). 

After Renoir and Charigot wed, he continued to use her as a model, along with their first child, and the two more that followed. All of their children managed to inherit Renoir's artistic gene. Jean became an award-winning filmmaker, Pierre went on to become an actor (who occasionally acted in his brother's films!), and Claude became a ceramic artist.

Renoir painted as part of the Impressionist movement, which is known for thin yet defined brushstrokes, attention to light, the use of everyday subjects, and the capturing of movement. The unique brushstrokes of the Impressionist movement often give paintings a glassy or blurry, dreamlike appearance. Renoir's Impressionist colleagues included the likes of Monet, Manet and Degas.

There are plenty of #ThrowbackThursday paintings to behold in the Art Gallery Page-A-Day® calendar. Check it out for more throwbacks to the art of yesteryear. 

The MET Museum of Art Gallery Calendar 2015365 Days in the Met Calendar 2015

Woof Wisdom! Every Day is the Best Day

Some #WoofWednesday love from the new book Really Important Stuff My Dog Has Taught Me. This book is tender, funny, warm, and utterly inspiring.

Every day is the best day — Really Important Stuff About My Dog

Check out the book: Really Important Stuff My Dog Has Taught Me.

Pairing an irresistible photograph with just the right sentiment, every page delivers a life lesson that appeals as much to our hearts as our minds.

It reminds us again and again of what’s important, like love: “Be there when others need you.”

Compassion: “Even the smallest act of kindness matters.”

Perseverance: “Keep going until you find your way home.”

A healthy sense of self: “Make it squeak until someone pays attention.”

Living in the present moment: “Scratch where it itches, when it itches.”

And that happiness is a choice: “Leap higher than you have to.”


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Meet Hooch: Our Page-A-Day® Dog of the Week!

Hooch, Page-A-Day Dog of the WeekHooch an 11 year old dog who was rescued when he was just 6 months old. He very spoiled and happy dog and always looks like he is smiling. He is the sweetest and most loyal dog anyone could ever ask for. Please consider him for the Printed Page-A-Day calendar. It would be such a great memory to have him the the calendar. Thank you!

Congratulations to Hooch, our Page-A-Day® Dog of the Week!

checkEnter your dog in the Page-A-Day® Dog Contest. Vote for this week’s dog contestants.

Which Page-A-Day® dog calendar is right for you?

Dog Gallery Calendar Page-A-Day365 Puppies a Year Page-A-Day Calendar