A Big Thanks to Small Town Vets

Small town vetsToday, we’re giving props to the veterinarians who work long, late hours to take care of our sick pets. In today’s 365 Dogs Page-A-Day® calendar, we learn that dogs, like humans, can contract tonsillitis, which can in turn lead to respiratory infections requiring antibiotics. Laryngitis can also afflict our canines, but the treatment is pretty simple: get them to stop barking!

No matter what illnesses befall our dogs, we rely on our vets to get to the bottom of the problem and do their best to make them better. Particularly in smaller towns, residents might rely on just one or only a few vet offices to take care of their pets. With sometimes small staffs, these vets make themselves available at all times to be there when an emergency strikes. Here are a few stories from the nominees hailing from small towns for Petplan’s 2014 Vet Awards Heroes:


(Photo from Flickr, credit: Army Medicine)

In Kent, Ohio (population 29,807), veterinarian Eric Brooks demonstrates his commitment to the best animal care. When Angela’s cat, Mickey, was diagnosed with lymphoma, her husband Eric dedicated himself to researching treatment options. Eventually, he came up with a special medication and diet regimen to treat him. Not just with Mickey, but with all patients, Eric spends endless hours after work researching the best way to treat each specific animal’s illness.


(Photo from Flickr, credit: Bags Groove)

In Durango, Colorado (population 17,216), Dr. Stacee Santi saved Boz the dog’s life when he was bit twice by a rattlesnake. She checked in with Judy, his owner, every four hours for the first day to provide updates. With a personal touch and steadfast attentiveness, she demonstrates how much she cares about the animals she treats.

In Copperas Cove, Texas (population 33,374), Dr. Kelly Henton had to tell Ruby that her dog Sadie had just 6-8 months to live due to a cancer diagnosis. When the time finally came for Sadie to pass away, Dr. Henton was incredibly respectful and gave Ruby her privacy with her dog in its final moments.

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