All-American Pet Photo Day is July 11th! Take an Unforgettable Photograph

July 11th is All-American Pet Photo DayAre your pet photos truly unforgettable? July 11th is the day to step up your pet photo game. 

Take a great photo of your pet on July 11th, and don't forget to enter your best dog or cat photos in the Page-A-Day Weekly Pet Photo Contests! Winners get a free digital calendar and consideration for our 365 Cats or 365 Dogs print calendars. Enter now! 

Starting July 7th, you can use the discount code PETPHOTO30 to save 30% on The Unforgettable Photograph: 228 Ideas, Tips, and Secrets for Taking the Best Pictures of Your Life, by photographer George Lange (

Here are some great tips from The Unforgettable Photograph!

The Unforgettable PhotographTip #65: Get a Dog's Eye View.

Move to the Main Subject’s Eye Level

With shots like these, you don’t know what you have until you review the images afterward. Shoot lots, trying to keep your focus on the thing, the person, or the animal that is the focus.

Tip #150: Play Outside with People (and Pets).

Outdoor light can mimic beautiful studio or indoor light if it’s diffused to eliminate hard shadows: by clouds, by the natural filtering effect of the sky very early in the day or at dusk, or by something you put between subject and sun, such as a sheet of cloth or a tent. 

Photograph from The Unforgettable Photograph  Photo from The Unforgettable Photograph 

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