Animals on the Silver Screen

We love it when our furry friends play starring roles on the big screen. First of all, acting animals are a pretty impressive phenomenon. Kudos to both these super smart animals, and to their skilled trainers. In today’s Crossword Puzzle in the Crossword Page-A-Day® Calendar, we have a puzzle with a zoo film theme.

To get your mind jogging on animal-themed films before you start the puzzle, we just couldn’t resist a little nostalgic reminiscing session about out favorite movies starring animals. From the kid movies that filled our childhood, to more adult flicks, these are the fauna films we’ll never forget! For this list, we’re including films starring real animals—no animated films.


Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

What an incredible journey it was. It’s the story—narrated by Chance, a dog—of two dogs and a cat trying to return home to their owners through the wilderness. Based on a book called The Incredible Journey, this tale of their adventures is indelible in the collective memory of children growing up in the ‘90s!

Homeward Bound



The heartbreaking yet humorous story of a pig that wants to be a sheepdog. This Australian film probably influenced many of its young viewers to become vegetarians, or at least abstain from bacon for awhile! It was even nominated for Best Picture by the Academy Awards.


March of the Penguins

A beautifully shot window into the lives of penguins in Antarctica, this documentary made all who watched it fall in love with the tuxedo-suited bird. By turns hilarious, tragic and awe-inspiring, it also snagged an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

March of the Penguins


Life of Pi

The most recent of our animal movie picks, Life of Pi is based on a novel of the same name written by Yann Martel—a truly riveting read. The film was released in 3D and follows “Pi” Patel as he relays his life story to a novelist. One of the standout stories from his life involves a shipwreck he endured at age 16, after which he became stranded on a lifeboat in the Pacific with a tiger named Richard Parker.

Life of Pi

Now put one of these movies on—or perhaps simply welcome your pet into your lap—to channel their animal vibes as you tackle the crossword puzzle!

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