August Holidays and Observances. Mark Your Calendars!

Mark Your Calendars - August Holidays and Observances

At Page-A-Day, we don't just want to bring you beautiful, amazing calendars—we also want to help you fill them too! Check out all the exciting holidays and observances coming up in August.

Monthly observances in August:

Think Happy, Be Happy  14,000 Things to Be Happy About   

And, of course, the daily observances to fill your Page-A-Day calendars with some extra excitement!

  • August 2nd is National Coloring Book Day. Coloring's not just for kids anymore! Pick up the Color Your Year book or calendar.
  • August 15th is National Relaxation Day. Lounge! That's an order. Watch the sunset from Out On the Porch
  • August 24th is National Waffle Day. Will it Waffle? Find out! 
  • August 26th is National Dog Day. Spoil your pet today with some new tricks or recipes from a great pet book! Browse our Animal and Pet Books and Calendars.
  • August 30th is National Holistic Pet Day. Is your pet all-nautral? Pick up a copy of Herbal Dog Care or Herbal Cat Care and get expert tips for your holistic pets.

Color Your Year  Will it Waffle?

If we missed any holidays and observances that matter to you, please leave them in a comment below! We'd love to celebrate whatever you're celebrating this month.

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