Because the Night Belongs to Cat Lovers: Patti Smith and Rock n’ Roll Cat Lovers

There’s a bit of a stereotype out there about cat lovers. We often think of them as being female—why else would the phrase “cat lady” exist? The pigeonholed cat lady is often assumed to be, perhaps, a bit shy, a tad bookish, and maybe a little on the eccentric side. Certainly, no one would accuse the average cat lady of being wild and bold.

Given these stereotypes, it may come as somewhat of a surprise that Patti Smith, legendary rocker, is a huge fan of felines. That’s right, the Patti Smith. The amazing woman who will go down in history as the “godmother of punk.” Co-author (with Bruce Springsteen) of the famous song, “Because of the Night.” Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame inductee. Vivacious performer who once fell fifteen feet from a stage during a concert because she was dancing so passionately—and has the broken bones to prove it.

Patti is considered to be such a notorious cat lover, that a note about her passion for cats appears in today’s 365 Cats Page-A-Day® calendar. While the blue-eyed beauty named Hannibal that is pictured here does not belong to Patti, it might very well resemble one of the singer’s own. She is said to have owned many different varieties of cats, and at least one that is jet black.

When not rocking out, Patti might be found playing with or singing to her beloved cats. The fact that she’s an animal lover may not be much of a surprise considering her debut 1975 album was entitled, "Horses." (Note: if you've never listened to "Horses," you need to read this article from NPR posthaste.) 

The other facets of Patti’s life may seem more typical of your average cat lover. Her song lyrics are known for being very poetic, and she writes poetry and dabbles in the fine arts and photography, too. In 2010, she even published a memoir, Just Kids, that won the National Book Award in the non-fiction category.

Patti’s love for cats became well-known in Patti Smith: Dream of Life, a 2008 documentary about her. In one scene, Patti is shown sitting by a window, singing sweetly to one of her kitties as she pets it. Needless to say, this would melt any cat lover’s heart, and be a rather striking sight to behold for Patti Smith fans, too.

With a seemingly endless fount of inspiration and an undying drive, Patti continues to make music and write. Most recently, she released the album, Banga, in 2012. Currently, she’s at work on a crime novel.

Several other cats in this world are lucky enough to be loved by famous singers, who no doubt serenade their pets just like Patti does. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are both famous cat lovers, and Ke$ha is even a Humane Society global ambassador for pets.

Pictured here is Kitty Purry with Katy Perry (from Kitty Purry's Wikia page), and Taylor Swift with her kitten (from E! Online). Swift said in an interview about her new "1989" album, "All I think about are metaphors and cats." You're not alone, Taylor.

Katy Perry and Kitty Purry  Taylor Swift and her cat


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