The Birds of Pandemonium by Michele Raffin

Birds of Pandemonium, Michele RaffinEvery morning, a full symphony swells from the most vocal of the 362 exotic birds of Pandemonium Aviaries. Step aboard the “landlocked ark in my backyard,” as founder Michele Raffin describes the home and bird sanctuary she shares with some of the world’s most remarkable birds. In her new book, The Birds of Pandemonium, Raffin lets us into her world — and theirs. Birds fall in love, mourn, rejoice and sacrifice. They have a sense of humor. They plot, they invent, they cope. They are true characters. And they are the heart of The Birds of Pandemonium, publishing October 7. 

Here’s a quick guide so you can get to know this cast of characters — from ladies’ parrot Amigo to trickster Tico to opera singer Shana.

“A delightful account. Its appeal is ageless, her descriptions riveting, and her devotion to the birds remarkable.”—Joanna Burger, author of The Parrot Who Owns Me

“A fascinating and rarely seen glimpse behind the scenes. The joy she gets from her close relationships with these amazing animals and her outsized commitment to them comes through loud and clear in this engaging and joyful book.” —Dominick Dorsa, Curator of Birds, San Francisco Zoo

“Reading this wonderful book, one cannot help but realize how much intelligence and beauty there is throughout the bird world. The birds are Michele Raffin’s teachers, awakening a deep sense of commitment to caring for our collective future . . . This book is about reconnecting with the nature of birds, and the nature of ourselves.”
—Jon Young, author of What the Robin Knows

The Birds of Pandemonium - Michele Raffin

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