Bonjour! Travel Tuesday in Paris

Need a mental getaway? Explore Paris with our Page-A-Day family this Travel Tuesday. 

Destination: delicious. Any foodie will be satisfied with a trip to the City of Light because Parisian chefs seem to have all the secrets of fine cuisine at their fingertips. 

Try these mouthwatering recipes from Frenchie: New Bistro Cooking by Greg Marchland.

And fall in love with Paris alongside Patricia Wells, with her Food Lover's Guide to Paris.

Immerse yourself in France with all our books... 

The Food Lover's Guide to ParisFrenchie by Greg MarchlandLouvre: All the PaintingsWicked French for the Traveler

You can even preorder the 2015 365 French Words-a-Year from Page-A-Day, along with our gorgeous wall calendars (our new calendars will begin shipping in fall 2015). Browse away, mon petit chou-chou.

365 Days in France CalendarA Year in France365 French Words a Day

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