Browse images of the Charles James: Beyond Fashion show at the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's exhibit Charles James: Beyond Fashion is captivating visitors to the Met and pictures of the exhibit are all over social media. Browse some of the images shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Storify that we've collected for you here. Read all the way down to get a peek of our 2015 Fashion Engagement calendar, sporting a Charles James gown on the front!

As usual, Page-A-Day is right on trend, with a Charles James gown gracing the cover of our 2015 Fashion Engagement Calendar. This 2015 calendar is available and ready to ship for anyone who wants to get a glamorous head start on next year!

2015 Fashion Engagement Calendar, Charles James Gown

The Met show, Charles James: Beyond Fashion, runs through August 10. Click through to The Metropolitan Museum of Art for more information.

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