Today is National Dog Day! Celebrate with Page-A-Day®

Woof! Arf! Bow Wow! However you say it, National Dog Day is a pretty big deal around here. Dogs are our best friends, our confidants, our exercise buddies. Their smarts, loyalty, playful spirit, and affectionate nature are heartwarming and rewarding. Whether you're taking a morning walk, roughhousing in the back yard, or snuggling up for some quality time on the couch, a puppy pal or fuzzy friend can be your ideal companion.  Read More »


Dog Pics + Dog Videos = Woof Wednesday!

Here at Page-A-Day® we love dogs. We love long-haried and short-haired dogs. We love drooly and yippy dogs. We love dogs who can catch a frisbee, and dogs that would rather lounge by the lake. Here is a round-up of some gorgeous contestants in our Weekly Page-A-Day® Photo Contest, and some of our very favorite dog videos. Leave a comment with your favorite YouTube dog videos too!   Read More »