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The Shoe Architect

Today, Burak Uyan's shoes appear in the Shoes Gallery Page-A-Day® calendar. These blue suede booties from his 2012 collection cut the ankle at a provocative asymmetrical angle and are lined with blue reptile skin trim.  Read More »

4 Month Countdown To Season 5 of Downton Abbey (in the US, that is)

Stateside, we're pretty envious of UK viewers who get to see Season 5 of Downton Abbey in only a few short days. ITV, the UK equivalent to PBS Masterpiece, begins airing the beloved upstairs/downstairs series about wealth, class, secrets and servitude starting on September 21st!  They've launched this new trailer (a must-watch, though purists may find it contains some spoliers). We're positively alit with anticipation over here in the United States.  Read More »

Getting Lost with Tae Won Yu

"Being the love of making pictures everyday,” artist Tae Won Yu says about himself. He’s living that maxim through his unique illustrations, design work and photography, like the drawing featured in the Today is Going to Be a Great Day Page-A-Day® calendar. Read More »


5 Month Countdown To Season 5 of Downton Abbey

The first season of PBS Masterpiece Theater's Downton Abbey opens in the Edwardian Era, in 1912, a time when fashion was exploding in England and around the world. The Princess of Wales (Mary of Teck, once Dutchess of York, later Queen Mary) was a fashion trendsetter of the time. Her fondness for dramatic diamonds and pearls is reflected in the stunning shimmer and bold, ornate design of pieces from that era.  Read More »


Shoes Engagement Calendar Designer Focus: Jerome C. Rousseau

Since he launched his label in 2008, Jerome’s shoes have been walking runways and decorating famous feet without pause. Jerome, who is originally from Quebec, calls art and music his first creative loves. As a teenager, he began to sketch shoes after being inspired by a Deee-Lite video clip. If you’ve seen a Deee-Lite video, and you’ve seen shoes by Rousseau, then this artistic tie makes perfect sense. Think ‘80s on the cusp of the ‘90s. Day-glo neon colors. Shiny leather. Sky-high platforms. Enough said. Read More »