Meet Artist Valerie McKeehan, Contributor to the 2015 Today is Going To Be A Great Day Calendar

In 2012, Valerie McKeehan was a newlywed, creating a "McKeehan's Cafe" sign for her own kitchen when she discovered how much she loved creating chalk art and started an Etsy shop called Lily & Val. The small operation quickly turned into a big one and as the business grew, Valerie figured out how to turn these fleeting works of art into lasting pieces--by turning them into digital prints. Read More »


A Festivus for the Rest of Us

“Many Christmases ago, I went to buy a doll for my son. I reached for the last one they had, but so did another man. As I rained blows upon him, I realized there had to be another way. A new holiday was born: a Festivus for the rest of us!” That speech is the dramatic origin of the non-denominational holiday that takes place each year on December 23 according to Frank Costanza, George’s dad on the hit television show Seinfeld. Read More »


5 Ways to Feel Zen during the Holidays

Between family members getting into town, party planning, a cooking to-do list that makes your head spin, and all the gift shopping that you still haven't gotten around to, you may feel like you need a vacation—like immediately. How are you supposed to have a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year when you're a giant ball of stress? Read More »


Philadelphia Chickens Has Gone Platinum!

Certified platinum by the recording industry association of America for sales of over one million copies! Philadelphia Chickens Book & CD by Sandra Boynton, New York Times Bestseller featuring Meryl Streep, the Bacon Bros, Kevin Kline, Laura Linney, Patti LuPone, Eric Stolz, Scott Bakula, and many more. Read More »


December Crossword and Solution

Spoiler Alert! This puzzle is the December 9th puzzle from Mensa 10-Minute Crossword Puzzles, and the solution is below. Wake your brain up with a daily crossword that gives your neurons a workout but that’s designed to be solved in ten minutes or less. Tough enough to be sanctioned by Mensa, the internationally famous high-IQ society, each 10-Minute Crossword Puzzle combines fun and challenge in perfect balance. Read More »


The Fashion and Art Calendar Sweepstakes

Find high fashion and fine art at Page-A-Day! We're strutting our stuff and offering a chance to win a collection of our fashion and art calendars. Our Metropolitan Museum of Art calendars (available in Gallery or Wall format) will make art lovers feel as though they're walking the halls of the most famous art museum in America and New York City’s #1 tourist attraction. Similarly, our fashion calendars are sure to make any fashion buff feel like they're in the front row at a live runway show.  Read More »


6 Perfect Gifts for Very Busy Women

This post is about gifts for all the women who deserve a thoughtful, kind gift because they work tirelessly to make your life. It's about taking the time to choose just the right gift to delight her, and help her relax for five minutes before she's on to the next project, craft, kid, mission, or cause. Read More »


Thanksgiving Trivia and Conversation Starters

Getting together with friends and family on Thanksgiving can be heartwarming and fun! Sometimes it can all feel like a blur with delicious flavors, hilarious laughs, and more than a few awkward moments. On those occasions when the conversation slows and the food coma starts to kick in, it's vital to have some quick and easy fall back conversation topics, and nothing fuels conversation better than a good, "Hey, did you know..." trivia fact Read More »