Dog Pics + Dog Videos = Woof Wednesday!

Here at Page-A-Day® we love dogs. We love long-haried and short-haired dogs. We love drooly and yippy dogs. We love dogs who can catch a frisbee, and dogs that would rather lounge by the lake. Here is a round-up of some gorgeous contestants in our Weekly Page-A-Day® Photo Contest, and some of our very favorite dog videos. Leave a comment with your favorite YouTube dog videos too!   Read More »


Travel Tuesday: Behold the Temples of Myanmar

Travel Tuesday: Bagan, Myanmar. Whether or not you’re a religious person, it’s likely you’ll have a religious experience at Bagan’s temples. White and red stone-hewn, gilded, bursting with spires and filled with sculptures of the Buddha, these monumental constructions are spiritual, moving places. Other wonders rise from the landscape in Bagan, too. Monasteries, pagodas and sculptures render the city a sprawling, open-air art museum of sorts, each block, each corner turned boasting its share of ancient edifices. Read More »


A Celebration of the Sloth

In late June 2014, citizens of the world came together to celebrate sloths during SLOTH WEEK. Leading the sloth revery is the Sloth Appreciation Society, the animal info site Animalist—a group who actually claims that every week is sloth week (excellent news for sloth lovers!)—and the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica.   Read More »


Summertime at The Met

The refreshing cool air is one excuse to check out The Met, but we’ve got three other reasons why you should plan to visit one of the world’s greatest art museums this summer. Read More »


Awkward Feline Photos

Our colleagues at Workman Publishing and Page-A-Day sent in pictures of their own adorable, hilarious feline companions, inspired by our very favorite new blog post from Dose: "25 Cats Napping in Places That Don't Even Seem Possible"!  Read More »