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Most cat-lovers have been witness to some pretty extraordinary athletic feline feats, such as Claire and Olive who star this weekend in the 365 Cats Page-A-Day® calendar. Claire, here, is clearly a football natural.

If only there was a FIFA (Feline International Football Association) that Claire could join and allow her talents to blossom to their fullest potential! Alas, she is reduced to playing soccer at her home in Washington with a wadded-up ball of paper. Olive over here, a resident of California, is in the midst of quite the athletic jump. Perhaps this aspiring gymnast will make it to the Catlympics with enough practice. 

Beyond these celebri-kittie from the Page-A-Day calendar, most ordinary house cats have exhibited some jumping prowess at one point or another. After all, domestic cats are descended from bigger cats—like tigers and lions. How do you think your average jungle cat captures its prey? It pounces.

We’ve seen our cats attempt gravity-defying leaps from floor to table, hang from curtains by the very power of their claws, climb up and jump down from large trees and vault themselves onto windowsills. Jumping cats don’t always land on four feet, however. For every cat that succeeds in their risky jumping endeavor, another takes a dramatic, epic fall. Sometimes, that fall is rather entertaining to observe, as evidenced in this montage of cats missing their marks.

Perhaps it’s the fact that cats seem to take themselves so seriously. While dogs are known for being goofy with giant grins plastered across their faces, cats have a reputation for being a bit more pensive and stony-faced. That makes their moments of clumsiness all the more amusing.

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