Caturday: Cutest Cats of the Week

Happy Caturday! Relax with your furry feline and these gorgeous kitties from this week's 365 Cats and Bad Cat Page-A-Day Calendars. 

What a purrrfect way to spend the best day of the week!

From 365 Cats Page-A-Day and Digital Calendar (Cats rule. And celebrating 30 years— 365 Cats still rules as the #1 bestselling Page-A-Day calendar.):

January 14th 365 Cats Digital Calendar365 Cats Digital Calendar - January 15th

Cats have a reputation for cleanliness and
most groom themselves diligently.

BEST FRIENDS Duck … duck … cat!?
365 Cats Digital Calendar - January 17th 2015365 Cats Digital Calendar - January 16th
Paint Kit!Most cats have 24 whiskers in
four rows on each cheek...


From Bad Cat Page-A-Day and Digital Calendar (Me-yeowza! Ten years of off-the-wall behavior, poor grooming, and nasty attitudes!):

Bad Cat Digital Calendar - January 16th 2015Bad Cat Digital Calendar - January 6th 2015
"No worries, just letting my inner demons out."""Before you lies one of the most in-demand hosiery models in the Western Hemisphere."
Bad Cat Digital Calendar - January 14th 2015
Bad Cat Digital Calendar - January 15th 2015
"Don't give me that look … you knew better than to leave this stuff out."

Bad Cat Tip for Humans "Never put anything on my head without my express written permission."

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