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Earth Science Week!Calling all science enthusiasts and nerds! In case you didn’t know it, we are right smack dab in the middle of National Earth Science Week (October 12-18, 2014).

Today, October 15th, is National Fossil Day, and the week is filled with events and observances that will pique the interest of any lover of earth science.

The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) first established this week back in 1998 to get the public excited about earth sciences, and to promote good stewardship of our planet. Each year, AGI creates a theme for the week, and this year it’s “Earth’s Connected Systems.”

Here’s the schedule for the week, and some ideas on how to celebrate for the days that lie ahead.

  • Sunday, October 12: International Earthcache Day. Have you ever heard of geocaching? If you haven’t, it’s basically like a big outdoor treasure hunting game where you use GPS to search for your treasure or “cache.” If you missed an Earthcache event on Sunday, look for a future one coming up in your area. 
  • Monday, October 13: Earth Science Literary Day. Learn the Earth sciences ropes with a series of nine videos with beautiful footage, that you can still view on YouTube. 
  • Tuesday, October 14: No Child Left Inside Day. AGI helped local organizations create outdoor events for kids. If you missed an event, but have children teach them about flora and fauna on a nature hike or by a lake.
  • Wednesday, October 15 (Today!): National Fossil Day. Head to your local natural history museum to check out some dinosaur footprint fossils, or check out this Dinomazes book, full of prehistoric fossil mazes.
  • Thursday, October 16: Geoscience for Everyone Day. This day is about exposing youth to the profession of geoscientist. If you’re a teacher, bring a geoscientist into your classroom to talk to your students about what they do. You can also get your kids interested in scientific careers by creating fun science experiments at home using the 365 Simple Science Experiments with Everyday Materials (best for ages 9-12).
  • Friday, October 17: Geologic Map Day. On the USGS website, find a geologic map of where you live. 

Don’t let all the knowledge you gained during Earth Sciences week slip away! Keep the lessons alive with The Elements Page-A-Day® calendar, a gorgeous exploration of every known atom in the universe. Our resident Elements expert also has several books and kits for scientists of all ages and interest levels. 

The Elements 2015 CalendarThe Elements 2015 Calendar by Theodore Gray

Theodore Gray's Elements VaultElements - Photographic Card Deck

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Still curious? Check out the geology of other planets with our Solar System Page-A-Day® calendar. The vibrant colors of our neighboring planets, moons and other bodies glow against black backgrounds.

Solar System 2015 CalendarSolar System 2015 Calendar - Back

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