Celebrating Sloth International Day!

Sloths: slow, silly, and super cute! The Washington Post noted, "Sloths are the new kittens." At Page-A-Day®, we celebrate sloths at every opportunity, and today is a VERY good one... Sloth International Day!

This observance of the fuzzy animals of South America was started in 2010 by a non-government organization AIUNAU. The group supports science and conservation efforts, and provides rehabilition of animals who are hurt by poachers or by deforestation.

From their Facebook page post about Sloth International Day, "Our main purpose at AIUNAU is to bring the world of sloths to common people, educating about their role in the natural and threatened ecosystems of South America. It is very important to emphasize that only in the forest of their origin are they able to fulfill their function and successfully continue their evolution."

Here's a video of a sloth eating:

And here are some incredible pictures of sloths:

International Sloth Day International Sloth Day - Sloths kissing

(Photo Credit: Dave Gingrich via Flickr, left, and Jenny Jozwiak via Flickr, right)

Baby Sloth in a Bathtub - International Sloth Day

(Photo Credit: Matt MacGillivray via Flickr)

Hanging with Sloths - 2015 Animal Calendar Page-A-Day

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