Celebrating the Gorgeous Flora and Fauna of Alaska

Happy Alaska Day - October 17thHappy Alaska Day! The glorious state to the north is a well-preserved testament to our country’s wild beauty. Of course, there are other beautiful places around the country, but Alaska has the greatest land and water areas of any state in the U.S. Not only is it home to glaciers, grizzly bears, and dense forests, but it also boasts the largest mountain in North America: Mt. Denali, or Mt. Mckinley.

An entire national park surrounds this 20,322-foot mountain. It’s called Denali after the mountain, and it draws throngs of tourists to its sweeping base area, and climbers to its staggering peak. You can check it out along with more of our country’s beautiful, rugged National Parks in the Audubon National Parks Page-A-Day® wall calendar.

Before Denali’s rocky peak ascends above tree line, there are quite a few remarkable native tree species to ogle. Coniferous black and white spruce trees, black cottonwoods, and quaking aspens grow in the lowlands and around Denali’s rivers. If you love everything about trees, you’ll probably also love the Audubon World of Trees Page-A-Day® wall calendar.

Amidst Denali’s trees, hawks, eagles, falcons, owls and woodpeckers flutter branch to branch, and find nooks to build their nests in. If you’ve ever gone bird-watching, you know how captivating it is to observe a bird going about its business, singing songs, feedings its baby birds and gliding through the air. Do a little bird watching every time you look at the calendar with the Audubon Birds Gallery Page-A-Day® calendar, or the Audubon Songbirds & Other Backyard Birds Page-A-Day® calendar.

American Bald Eagle - Alaska

In the summertime, many species of wildflowers blossom up around Denali National Park. Red, blue, and yellow, Alpine Azaleas, Primroses, and Alaskan Poppies light up Denali’s gorgeous hiking trails with color and scent. Bring a little wild floral essence to your daily schedule with the Audubon Wildflowers Page-A-Day® wall calendar.

Alaskan Poppies - Denali Flowers

If you happen to enjoy vacationing in wild places like Denali or other National Parks, but need to stay on top of work while you’re gone, the Audubon Engagement Page-A-Day® calendar can help you manage your work obligations from far, far away.

So if you can’t make it to Alaska on its national day, appreciate its beauty through Page-A-Day® calendars

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