Create the Perfect Easter Basket

Yes, a little chocolate here and there is practically mandatory, but do we really have to load our kids with sugar and candy on Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, AND Easter? Let's give the Easter Bunny a break this year and inspire an Easter celebration full of joy . . . and a little better for your teeth.

Start with an Eyelike™ Stickers book and Fandex™ Family Guides! The Easter, Baby Animals, Bugs, or Animals stickers are guaranteed to deliver a smile, and the Butterflies, Cats, Dogs, and Birds Fandex guides will entertain the family all day.

 Butterflies Fandex  Eyelike Baby Animals Stickers   Fandex Cats   Eyelike Bugs Reusable Stickers  Fandex Dogs  Eyelike Animals Reusable Stickers  Fandex Birds     

Then, add a charming, adorable Sandra Boynton plush toy and book...  

George the Bunny  Clover Cow    One Fine Chicken Plush  PigZeke the Frog

Bunny Rabbit Show  Hey! Wake Up!  Perfect Piggies  Pajama Time!

One, Two, Three!  Snuggle Puppy!  Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!  Fifteen Animals!


And don't forget a classic Barney Saltzberg book!

Good Egg    Redbird: Friends come in different sizes   Beautiful Oops! Barney Satzberg   Redbird: Colors, colors everywhere   Arlo Nees Glasses

Finally, for a personal twist to your special Easter basket, shred your old Page-A-Day pages to create fun, colorful Easter basket "grass" — upcycle your favorite pages!

Easter Basket  Easter Basket Page-A-Day


Happy Easter from Page-A-Day!  

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