December 12th is National Ugly Sweater Day

Are you the proud owner of an ugly sweater? This week is the perfect time to break it out because National Ugly Sweater Day falls on December 12th! 

Some say that the ugly sweater inspiration originates with The Cosby Show, other’s say it’s National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. Its origins perhaps could be found in Nancy, the sweet librarian at the local library, or your very own fashion-challenged third grade teacher. Either way, many an ugly sweater now haunts the rows of second-hand stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army.

Once you choose an ugly sweater that you love, or tolerate, the next step is to find an Ugly Christmas Sweater party. If no one you know is hosting one, throw one yourself! 

Here are some of our favorite ugly sweaters from Flickr to inspire you.

From the incredible

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Shop The Ugly Christmas Sweater Shop

The Ugly Christmas ShopThe Ugly Christmas Sweater Shop

Other fantastic, lesser-known holidays and observance in December we love include Cookie Cutter Week, Saturnalia, National Chocolate-covered Anything Day, National Re-gifting Day, and one of our very favorites, Crossword Puzzle Day!

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