Extreme Cakes Feature: Pink Cake Box in Denville, New Jersey

Pink Cake Box, Extreme Cakes, August CalendarA dessert makes every occasion better, but an extreme dessert steals the show. Anne Heap proves that cakes can be transformed into true works of art. Anne is the owner of Pink Cake Box Custom Cakes, based in Denville, New Jersey. Her abstract goldfish tank cake, featured in the 2014 Extreme Cakes Mini Page-A-Day® Calendar, is a prime example of her commitment to wild creativity.

While this calendar is no longer available on our site, you can find it for less than $10 on Amazon... and less than $3 on Barnes & Noble, and Now that's a sweet deal (get it?) for a fun fall calendar!

As a pastry chef trained by the International Culinary Institute in New York City, Anne definitely has the hard skills to back up her innovative vision. Pink Cake Boxes’ specialty cakes, cupcakes, dessert tables and cookies have been featured on TLC, WeTV, The Martha Stewart Show, the Food Network and more. Her wedding cakes have also gotten attention from bridal media outlets.

If you’re not fortunate enough to live in the New Jersey area, you can still get in on the fun through Pink Cake’s blog. There, you can scroll through the gallery of her many creations for inspiration, and you can also learn a thing or two about cake design to apply in your own kitchen or request from your local custom cake shop. Here are five fantastic ideas we got from Anne’s blog to apply to your own cake pursuits:

Animal Inspired Cakes. There’s nothing like a leopard print cake to celebrate a bachelorette party, or a zebra-striped safari print cake to say happy birthday to a wild animal-loving kid. 

Follow Pink Cake Box's board Monkey Cakes on Pinterest.Follow Pink Cake Box's board Zebra Print Cakes on Pinterest.

Manly man cakes. The man in your life may not be as enthused with cakes as you are, but he will be if the cake is shaped like a football, a golf course or, for the hunters out there, a deer head. Yes, you read that right, a giant edible deer head, antlers and all.

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Nightmares in cake form. Okay, we know Halloween is a ways away, but we’re already excited to try our hands at this Dia de Los Muertos blood-red and black number adorned with skulls. We may just have to make it for a Zombies-themed party before October arrives! Don’t even get us started on the terrifying monster cake in this blog. 

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Ombré, ombré. We knew ombré was a thing for hair, but it’s also apparently a thing for cakes. Wedding cakes, to be specific. It may seem like a magical cake design feat to achieve, but it’s actually quite simple to keep darkening your frosting with more food dye for each successive layer. 

Strength in numbers. Why limit yourself to cakes when you can create a spread of themed desserts? A big cake at center. An army of similarly decorated cupcakes framing it. Cookies and candy of the same color theme as accents. More to choose from, more to ogle, more to eat. We approve.

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For more cake inspiration, like Pink Cake Box’s Facebook page, and check out their Pinterest board:

Visit Pink Cake Box's profile on Pinterest.

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