Featuring ToonPetz! Adorable Pet Cartoons for a Great Cause

Toonpetz - Dog Cartoons for Pet LoversToonpetz - Cat Cartoons for Pet Lovers

Page-A-Day® loves pets. We really, really, really love pets! (We might even admit to being completely obsessed with pets.)

You may have seen our monthly pet contests, where we share adorable pet pictures with the people of the internets and collect votes to choose a weekly winner! Some winners even end up in our 365 Dogs and 365 Cats Page-A-Day calendars! 

Our love of cute pets led us to the adorable ToonPetz via Twitter and Lisa Taron, author of The Pet Lady Blog! Michelle Smith, creator of ToonPetz, will draw cartoons of your favorite fuzzy friends—and 100% of the proceeds go to helping animals. How cool is that? 

These toons are delightfully whimsical and fun, and Michelle will capture your pets' unique personality in a shareable, giftable, frameable, holiday-cardable illustration. Michelle asks for a very affordable minimum donation of £5 ($8.49 USD) — and a £10 ($16.99 USD), plus shipping costs, if you want the original artwork. 

Michelle is originally from Hull in Yorkshire. She has always enjoyed doodling, drawing, and painting, and has studied animation. She started off cartooning her own cats and dogs, and posting her illustrations on Facebook. Soon afterward, Michelle's friends began asking her to toon their pets. Toonpetz was born when a pal at the North Clwyd Animal Rescue (NCAR) asked if she'd create a new logo for the rescue and Michelle realized the opportunity to combine her hobby with her passion—helping rescue animals!

Toonpetz - Pet Cartoons for Pet Lovers

Toonpetz - Dog Cartoons for Pet Lovers

Michelle donates the proceeds from ToonPetz to the North Clwyd Animal Rescue. The NCAR is dedicated to helping all manner of animals who may have been lost, abused or unwanted.

More about the North Clwyd Animal Rescue: North Clwyd Animal Rescue (NCAR) is a registered charity founded in 1978 by Anne Owen. From one thin little Lurcher, we now care for over 1500 domestic pets a year. We have grown to meet these new demands and with the current economic situation these services are vital for the wider community.

You can contact Michelle Smith and ToonPetz on Facebook or via her web site:

Donate directly to Michelle and ToonPetz!

Do you know anyone else who is helping animals in a creative, exciting way? Share it with us by leaving a comment on this blog post!

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