Getting Lost with Tae Won Yu

"Being the love of making pictures everyday,” artist Tae Won Yu says about himself. He’s living that maxim through his unique illustrations, design work and photography, like the drawing featured in the Today is Going to Be a Great Day Page-A-Day® calendar.

The great thing about getting lost is that you might end up finding yourself in the process. Getting lost can be self-relevatory, and getting lost in something you love, or with something you love can really create the ultimate joy.  

In “Let’s Get Lost,” Tae features a girl biking through a city in beautiful watercolor. One of the best times to attempt to get lost is when traveling in a new town or city. Rather than unfolding your map at every corner and whenever you feel a bit turned around, wander through the unfamiliar streets and paths and take in the new surroundings without concern for your precise location. By bike or by foot, wandering can be a powerful way to connect with your environment freely with your mind fully focused on the sights, smells and sounds around you, rather than whether you need to make a left or right turn.

Consider Tae's advice and make your day a powerful and conscious one by letting yourself get lost in something you love, like art or writing. An art lover can certainly lose him or herself looking through Tae Won Yu's portolio. From mixed media collages, to digital design, to photography, he’s not afraid of switching up the method he uses for making imagery. Check out more of his bold and unique paper craft creations on Pinterest or browse his blog on Tumblr.

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