How to Dress Up Your Cat for Halloween

Happy Halloween! Today, children everywhere will dress up as their favorite superheroes and princesses. Adults nationwide will don humorous or “sexy” costumes to cocktail parties. But what about our pets? Some dedicated pet owners will surely be dressing them up, too. Some of the bad cats like those in the Bad Cats Page-A-Day® calendar would probably make great villains, but there are many costumes out there for good kitties, too. Here’s a few of our favorite cat costume ideas.

Purrr, matey!

Your cat is just a pirate’s hat away from turning into a pirate. We bet the only thing this cat will steal is people’s hearts. You can buy one online, or make your own out of felt. 

(Image via Flickr, Pets Advisor)

Princess … of Your House

Your cat will probably make a great prince or princess because it may already be used to acting like royalty. This orange tabby is just loving her pink tulle skirt and glittery headband. This ensemble could also double as a ballerina or figure skater costume. You can use the same skirt and headband that you might find sold for toddlers.

(Photo via Flickr, Pets Advisor)



Most cats hate water, but not this furry ginger, the feline version of Michael Phelps. Donning an American-flag speedo, a bevy of gold medals, and red goggles, she’s clearly ready for the Summer Olympics. You could probably make the speedo out of a small patch of fabric, buy some fake gold medals from the dollar store, and get the goggles at a general store or swim store.

(Photo via Flickr, Pets Advisor)

Pumpkin Cat

This kitty looks awfully cozy in its orange cape and bonnet. You could even try getting your cat to stay planted on the stairs amongst the other real pumpkins to greet trick-or-treaters as they come by! Put this together yourself with a little bit of fabric, or buy one pre-made at Petco

(Photo via Flickr, Stephanie Clifford)

For more costume ideas, here’s an entire Pinterest board dedicated to kitty costumes:

Follow Anna Medina's board Cat Costumes ( my cats will HATE this!) on Pinterest.


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