In Stupidity Today:  To Read or to Forget to Read

Have you ever forgotten to do something you actually loving doing … for a whole year? Norah Jones has once admitted: “I’ve always loved to read, but sometimes I go for a year without reading a book because I forget to.”

Really, Norah? Not the brightest thing to ever come out of this soulful singer’s mouth. Maybe it’s more like she didn’t have time to read, or was distracted by other endeavors like songwriting or world tours.

Either way, the blip of a quote landed her in the Stupidest Things Ever Said Page-A-Day® calendar.

How about celebrities who don’t forget to read? There are a lot of them and some of them have great literary taste. Obviously, there’s Oprah with her Book Club, but there are many other actors, musicians and other famous folks who consider themselves well-read.

Comedienne Amy Poehler was a self-described “voracious reader” as a child. “Reading was a way to make friends or enemies, a way to discover how all these different people exist in the world,” Poehler recalls. Her picks: I Like You, by fellow comedienne Amy Sedaris, and A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens.

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Which HBO series star loves Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov? That would be Lena Dunham, perhaps because her first name bears resemblance to the title. “I read it for the first time in fourth grade, because I was told that it had sexy parts,” Dunham says.

President Barack Obama, a two-time author himself, fancies Moby Dick, by Herman Melville, as well as the works of Shakespeare, the writings of Abraham Lincoln, and the greatest story ever told, the Bible.

If you had to guess what the favorite book of comedian Jim Carrey would be, what would you pick? A light-hearted funny story? A Shakespearean comedy of errors? A David Sedaris memoir? Nope, this funny man has a dark side. His favorite all-time read is Dostoevsky’s tome Crime and Punishment. Jim, we never knew you could be so deep!

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In other stupidity news for the weekend, we have a question posed by an English vicar to his bishop in an email. “My Lord,” he writes, “I regret to inform you of the death of my wife. Can you possibly send a substitute for the weekend?” It turns out, men of the church can have quite a good sense of humor (we hope).

Stay smart, folks!

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