Mark Your Calendars — January Holidays and Observances

January Holidays and Observances - Page-A-Day

January 2017 is home to many monthly observances! The ones we think you should mark on your calendars:

 Steal Like an Artist    

There are also some weekly events you may want to observe this month: 

  • Jan 1-8: New Year's Resolutions Week—the week in which New Year's Resolutions are born, and sometimes die. Is travel on your bucket list? Check out 1,000 Places To See Before You Die.
  • Jan 18-22: No Name Calling Week. Pick up your copy of the Wonder calendar for inspiration. Always Choose Kind!


And the daily observances that you may want to jot down:

  • Jan 4: Trivia Day... the single best day of the year for many fans of our trivia calendars.
  • Jan 14: One of our favorite observances, Dress Up Your Pet Day, falls on the 14th. Check out Bad Cat for some inspiration!
  • Jan 18: We are piqued and even a bit discomposed about the quickly approaching Thesaurus Day.
  • Jan 20: Penguin Awareness Day. Learn more about penguins from the Audubon Society.
  • Jan 24: We think someone as smart and good-looking as you may want to celebrate National Compliment Day. You Are Doing A Freaking Great Job!
  • Jan 27: Fun at Work Day. Woohoo! You're at work. 
  • Jan 29: It's National Puzzle Day, great for lovers of crossword puzzles and sudoku number puzzles!
  • Jan 31: Inspire Your Heart with Art Day. Visit a museum or paint something of your own. Take a gander at our Art calendars!


Whatever you're celebrating or observing in January, do it in style with a Page-A-Day Calendar.

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