Mark Your Calendars — March Holidays and Observances

March Holidays and Observances - Page-A-Day

At Page-A-Day, we don't just want to bring you beautiful, amazing calendars — we also want to help you fill them too! Check out all the exciting holidays and observances coming up in March.

Some great monthly observances:

  • American Red Cross Month: Each year, the president of the United States proclaims March “Red Cross Month” to honor the Red Cross mission: to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.
  • National Women's Month: The Month of March highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society.
  • Good Samaritan Involvement Day: Celebrate kindness and helping others in need today, March 13! 
  • International Ideas Month: Is that a lightbulb over your head? Get your brilliant ideas on paper and in motion during International Ideas Month.
  • National Caffeine Awareness Month: How much caffeine do you drink every day?  
  • March Madness!: Get your college basketball brackets ready, or better yet, play our March Meowness and Bark Madness Paws vs. Claws!

And some exciting weekly ones as well: 

  • National Write A Letter of Appreciation Week (March 1-7): Let someone you love know exactly how much you appreciate them--maybe it's your boss or even your mom who deserves a letter of appreciation! 
  • American Chocolate Week  (March 20 - 26): Americans, eat all the chocolate you want! 
  • National Cleaning Week (March 27 - April 1): No matter what, you must tackle those dust bunnies this week. It's time.  

March 17th is St. Patrick's Day!And, of course, the daily observances to fill your Page-A-Day calendars with some extra excitement!

  • March 1st is World Compliment Day: Tell the people in your life what you admire about them on March 1st. You can take notes from The Book of Nice if you need some inspiration for appreciation.
  • March 2 is Dr. Seuss Day: Green Eggs and Ham are not required eating today, but highly encouraged.
  • March 8 is International Women's Day: Celebrate the wonderful women in your life who do incredible things. Consider buying these wonderful women a gift, like our Fashion Engagement Calendar, so they can keep those amazing lives organized! 
  • March 13th is Digital Learning Day: Learn something new and use digital technology to make your life better. Check out Abby Stokes and "Is This Thing On?" to get a head start on digital learning!
  • March 14 is National Pi Day! For all the science-lovers out there, today is National Pi Day! You might also like our Elements and Solar System calendars.  
  • March 17 is St. Patrick's Day: Enjoy your celebrations of Irish forebearers and ancestors, and a new take on a delicious St. Patrick's Day from Molly Gilbert, author of Sheet Pan Suppers.
  • March 20: International Day of Happiness: C'mon, get happy! Check out the Today Is Going To Be A Great Day Poster calendar and Think Happy, Be Happy! 
  • March 23 is National Puppy Day. It's completely appropriate to bask in the cuteness of puppies all day long on March 23rd, starting with our 365 Puppies-A-Year wall calendar.

If we missed any, leave them in a comment below! We'd love to celebrate whatever you're celebrating this month.

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