Meet Caroline: Our Page-a-Day® Cat of the Week!

Caroline - This week's Page-A-Day Cat Photo Contest WinnerCaroline (born August 2011) arrived with her Sister on Christmas Day 2011. Dear friends had decided we had been a pet-less family for too long. So in comes the box, I joked “it’s a puppy” and out pops Caroline & her Sister Somerset! They have added joy to our lives and home in ways we could never imagine. This is Caroline in her favorite spot – looking out at the birds, leaves, walkers, dogs, squirrels, and anything else that moves. She is gorgeous, she knows it, and she loves to show off. Her other favorite things are sleeping late (in bed), jumping into laundry, running up the stairs after her sister and hitting the wall parallel to the floor with all four paws to then launch to the next set of stairs, practicing her high jump as she tries to catch anything that resembles a ribbon or string, and, mostly, waiting until the cooking has finished and she hears everyone sitting down to eat before she appears!

Congratulations to Caroline, our Page-a-Day® Cat of the Week!

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