Meet Chloë: This Week’s Page-A-Day® Cat Photo Contest Winners

Chloe - This week's Page-A-Day Cat Photo Contest WinnerI live in a walled compound in Kampala, Uganda. One day in early Oct 2012, Chloë's very young, malnourished mother came over the wall with a single, tiny kitten, black with a "got milk" mustache. After a couple of days of feeding them and making friends, I managed to get them into my house. A vet treated both. When Chloe's mom gained strength, she disappeared. Chloë stayed behind and joined older brothers Kofi (now 12 years) and Pip (2 1/2 years), both also strays.

Congratulations, Chloë! You're this week's Page-A-Day® Cat Photo Contest winner.

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