Meet Dharma: This Week’s Page-A-Day® Dog Photo Contest Winner

Laney, Page-A-Day Dog Contest WinnerDharma was rescued from a shelter and earned her name from a character that was on a TV show called "Dharma and Greg". As you can see, she is not a blonde - like the character was, but my Dharma had the goofiest ears and tripped over her own feet. Dharma is a favorite at our local ball field.

When I initially started to bring her there, people took one look at her being a "Pit Bull" and walked way around her. Dharma would sit there, wagging her tail and entire body - just waiting for someone to come pet her! Finally, a friend's child came up and started petting her, then another child, and another - all to their parent's fearful apprehension. This continued through baseball season and now if Dharma isn't with me, we have some disappointed children on our hands. She became our baseball team's "mascot", so to speak and was a familiar face to everyone by the end of the season. Dharma can't wait for next baseball season to start!

Congratulations to Dharma, this week's Page-A-Day® Dog Photo Contest Winner! 

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