Meet Tigger: Our Page-a-Day® Cat of the Week!

Tigger - This week's Page-A-Day Cat Photo Contest WinnerFrom the moment we adopted Tigger on a cold October day seven years ago, we knew that he would be a special cat. Having weighed just 1 pound and been infected with fleas and worms when we first got him, he has come a long way in the years ever since – he now weighs 17 pounds, is flea- and worm-free and is happy as a lark. He purrs all the time and is the perfect “gentleman” to our two other cats (his sisters) Petunia and Kanga, letting them eat his food and even helping them cover their waste in the litter box. When he sees one of his sisters cough up a hairball, he’ll immediately run over to them and not leave until he sees that they are ok. Everyone who has met Tigger immediately takes a liking to him in terms of his lion-like appearance and calm demeanor. Besides serving as a guardian to Petunia and Kanga, Tigger’s hobbies include drinking filtered water (yes, he is picky!); eating all-natural cat food (with a side of tuna on the weekends); playing with a string, milk tops and his mother’s (Christine) scrunchies; snuggling for hours; head-butting the person kissing him; using his lion-sized paws and wrapping them around the person petting him; and silent-meowing. (PLEASE NOTE: It should be noted that this photo was taken by Scott Nolen/American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). James is an employee of the AVMA, and owns the copyright to this photo.)

Congratulations to Tigger, our Page-a-Day® Cat of the Week!

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