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Happy Meow Monday! Today, we’re ogling this adorable Birman in the Cats Gallery Page-A-Day® Calendar. There’s just something so alluring about its silky white fur with orange accents beaming on its tail and face. The blue eyes don’t hurt either.

The Birman breed hails originally from Western Europe—England, France, Germany—and also Australia. They’re known for being sweet, loving and playful yet not hyperactive. They’re also not the most talkative of kitties.

Most cat lovers—and most web surfers, really—know that felines have taken up their fair share of space on the Internet. From hilarious YouTube videos of cats falling not so gracefully, to pictures of cats dressed up in clothes, there’s plenty of online fodder for cat lovers.

We’ve all seen LOLCats photos posted on Facebook or elsewhere on the web. Hilarious pictures of cats with captions in what can only be described as LOLCat speak. A kitten on a mini computer says “iz likin myself” Two cats kiss and rub their noses together with the caption, “i kan has eskeymo?” You get the idea.

Cat Bounce has a pretty simple and amazing premise. Against a colorful background, black and white cats fall from above and bounce against the bottom of your screen. If you click “make it rain,” a downpour of cats ensues. We’re not really sure who came up with this or why it’s so entrancing, but, well, you kind of just have to see it for yourself. You should probably stop what your doing RIGHT NOW to click on the link. Go ahead, we'll wait...

In more serious (and perhaps practical) cat websites, Love Meow is a blog for cat lovers and also has a slant toward rescued kitties. There are stories, videos, adorable photos and information about rescue cats.

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