Kitty Yoga: The Purrrfect Position

Cat YogaMonday is a great day to start off the week on the right foot by sticking to all of your goals for the week. You wake up when your alarm goes off—instead of hitting snooze a bazillion times. You remember to eat breakfast. You eat a healthy lunch. On the commute home, you don’t freak out in traffic. If you’re being really disciplined, you even hit up the yoga studio on the way home, and unwind, stretch out and work out with some poses.

Kittens like to start off the week with a wellbeing-filled #MeowMonday, too. To prove it, they’re busting out the yoga mats and asanas.

This little kitty is learning all about flexibility and balance through its yoga practice. Check out the video of it attempting poses, occasionally with human assistance …



(Photo Credit: Flickr, Francis Luong)

(Photo Credit: Flickr, Redazadi)

(Photo Credit: Flickr, Tammy Strobel)

(Photo Credit: Flickr, Jason Riedy)

Yoga might even help shape your kitten into a well-behaved, lovely adult cat. The Kitten Owner’s Manual will help you give you other ideas on how to help your kitten learn good manners and habits in its formative years.

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