October Holidays and Observances. Mark Your Calendars!

Mark Your Calendars - October Holidays and Observances

At Page-A-Day, we don't just want to bring you beautiful, amazing calendars—we also want to help you fill them too! Check out all the exciting holidays and observances coming up in October.

Monthly observances in October:

  • Adopt A Dog Month/Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. It's the time of year to bring home a new member of family. In case you're a new pet owner, 97 Ways to Make A Dog Smile will help you keep your adopted pup happy and our 365 Dogs Page-A-Day Calendar will help you pick out the perfect breed/mix.
  • Apple, Corn, and Pizza Month. There's no doubt that October marks the season for harvesting crops and home cooking.  
  • National Book Month. Celebrate your old favorites and browse the best reads of the season! Our recommendation: The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry or Descent.

Weekly observances in October:

  • National Walk Your Dog Week begins on October 1st. Follow in the footsteps of the First Dogs, and take Fido out for a walk every day this week.
  • Great Books Week begins on October 2nd - 8th. Great books have inspired readers and writers through history! Don't miss Comet's Tale, an endearing read for pet lovers.

October Holidays and Observances

And, of course, the daily observances to fill your Page-A-Day calendars with some extra excitement!

  • October 6th is World Smile Day. Flash those pearly whites all day today and find some inspiration to smile from Think Happy, Be Happy and the fun and lovely Color Your Year 2017 calendar.
  • Ocotber 9th is Columbus Day. In 1492, Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue. We still celebrate.  
  • October 16th is Boss's Day. Give your Boss a good clap on the back and a copy of You Are Doing A Freaking Great Job today.
  • October 16th is Dictionary Day. Don't miss our Merriam-Webster calendars, including 365 New Words per Year
  • October 20th is International Sloth Day. The Sloth Wall Calendar will help you slow down, chill out and find the perfect snack, just like the cute calendar sloths.
  • October 25th is International Artists Day. Thank you to all our illustrators that contribute to Page-A-Day Calendars like Today Is Going To Be A Great Day and Think Happy, Be Happy—and don't miss the chance to be your own favorite artist with the Paint by Sticker calendar! 
  • October 28th is National Chocolate Day. Take a load off, grab a few (or more than a few) pieces of chocolate and celebrate with self-proclaimed chocoholic, Sandra Boynton and her book CHOCOLATE.
  • October 29th is National Cat Day! We are cat lovers at Page-A-Day, and we love treating cat lovers to the best calendars and books. Browse our Gifts for Cat Lovers store for some feline inspiration and fun.   
  • October 31st is Halloween. Scary stories are the best part of this fun holiday, right? Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods and Cabinet of Curiosities will feed your storytelling fire all night.

If we missed any holidays and observances that matter to you, please leave them in a comment below! We'd love to celebrate whatever you're celebrating this month.

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