October is National Adopt-A-Dog Month! Make a Dog’s Day!

October 1st 365 Dogs - October is Adopt a Dog MonthHello there, Mulder! That's the name of the adorable Jack Russell featured in today's Dogs Gallery Page-A-Day® calendar. If you don't have a dog, his cute mug might just convince you to spring for a canine companion. If you are in the market for a doggie, adopting is the best way to help give a homeless pet a home. That's the important message behind the fact that October is National Adopt-A-Dog Month.

National Adopt-A-Dog Day is part of a much larger campaign spearheaded by the American Humane Association, pet shelters and pet rescue organizations across the country to reduce the number of homeless dogs in our country.

Just how are they doing it? One big strategy is to make affordable spaying and neutering clinics available throughout the country. Sterilizing pets whose offspring are unwanted by owners is a solution that nips the problem in the bud. It also has some added benefits, such as eliminating less than desirable behaviors like urine marking, male aggression and doggy wanderlust, and can even improve pet health. Of course, once these affordable clinics are in place, pet owners need to be encouraged to take advantage of them.

October is National Adopt a Dog MonthOctober is National Adopt a Dog Month

(Photo Credits via Flickr: Left, Becky Cochrane. Right, Jeffrey W)

Bob Barker, the former host of The Price is Right and a famed animal rights activist, is a big proponent of sterilizing our pets in the fight against homeless animals. He famously signed off each episode of The Price is Right with the directive, “And don't forget to spay and neuter your pets!” He even founded the DJ&T Foundation, a California-based organization—named for his wife Dorothy Jo Gideon, and her mother, Tilly—that provides free or affordable sterilization for domestic animals.

October is National Adopt a Dog Month

(Photo Credit via Flickr: Mr. Littlehand)

Adoption programs are another great way to reduce the number of pets euthanized each year. Shelters and breed rescue groups offer a wide variety of dogs. Purebreds, mixed-breeds, big dogs, little dogs—you name it, you can probably find it at your local shelter!

The Shelter Pet Project spreads awareness amongst prospective pet owners to encourage adopting at a shelter, rather than purchasing. A partnership between The U.S. Humane Society and Maddie's Fund, The Shelter Pet Project even helps people search for pets or shelters on its website.

So to commemorate the fact that it's National Adopt-A-Dog Month and #WoofWednesday, consider adopting a dog, or just help spread the message!

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