Organize Your Holiday Gift Shopping

As a calendar company, we can't help but be big, huge, enormous fans of organization!

Earlier this week, we put together a pretty handy guide (if we don't say so ourselves) for prepping for Thanksgiving like pros. Thanksgiving, however, is small potatoes compared to the behemoth gift-centric holidays of Christmas and Hanukkah. Thanksgiving is the warm-up round.

That's why we're gifting you this holidays game plan well in advance of the big hurrahs in December. There are about five weeks until Christmas (December 25), and only four until Hanukkah (December 16)—let the countdowns begin!

You'll need to use your calendar for this one. We like an inspiring wall calendar hanging prominently in the kitchen to remind us of our goals and deadlines. That way, at least three times a day, we get a gentle reminder of where we should be in holiday prep mode. An engagement calendar can also be a great way to stay on top of pre-holiday planning since it's always in your purse or briefcase. Plus, in our engagement calendars, there's space to map out all your planning lists—from gift ideas, to grocery lists, to songs that absolutely must make the playlist. 

Everyone knows that while togetherness and gratitude and bonding are the pillars of the holiday season, gifts are all the glitz. Take a look at our tips for organizing holiday gift giving.

Page-A-Day's holiday gift-giving guide

WHO: since we all know the why, we'll start with the who. Start a running list with names and gift ideas. You can write down ideas or notes about each recipient, and add to it whenever you have a brainstorm. Getting these thoughts on paper are the first steps in knocking your gifts out of the ballpark. 

WHAT: the easy-to-shop-for friends and family-members are just that: easy. They may have a collection you can add to, or they're very outdoorsy, or only like one brand of Champagne, or have something they've been hinting at for months. Good. Cross them off the list early. The harder-to-shop-for friends need some extra consideration, so look around, research online, or ask around to generate new gift ideas. Don't forget the appeal of just the right calendar!

HOW: if you have loads of aunts and uncles and cousins, consider buying in bulk. A sentimental, beautiful gift for the home is always appreciated. You can usually buy online and have each gift shipped directly to the recipient, which makes it easy to get the extended family out of the way.  Consider crafting too! A quality homemade holiday gift will be treasured for years to come. If you're buying personalized gifts, make sure to set a budget so you don't overspend. No one wants to receive a gift that you feel conflicted about buying, so don't feel bad about staying within budget. 

WHEN: the sooner the better. Create a stress-free holiday season by aiming to get most of your shopping done by the first week of December. Watch for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other sale prices to help round out your gift list, and by the time you're handed your first cup of eggnog, you'll be finished shopping for the season.  

WHERE: once you get your gifts wrapped and labeled, you have to answer two major WHERE questions to answer.

WHERE will you hide them (especially from nosy kids)? Under the bed and in the closet are the first places they'll look, so get creative!

The last question you should ask... WHERE's the party?! If you haven't been invited to one, it's obviously because you should host. Break out the mistletoe or the dradles (or both!), and get festive.

Have yourself a stress-free holiday season with a little bit of planning and a little love from your trusty calendar.

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