Purse Lovers Unite on National Handbag Day

Friday, October 10th is the newly ordained day of observations for purses, clutches, totes, and everything in between... celebrate National Handbag Day with the style experts at and Bloomingdale's. You can join in on the festivities by snapping a photo of yourself with your favorite bag and uploading with the hashtag #NationalHandbagDay! is so obsessed with handbags that they not only named a holiday for them... they're also giving away this gorgeous burgandy Fendi bag. Be still my heart!

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Our Top 5 Handbags

There are so many fabulous handbags to choose from, so many styles to make purse lovers swoon and melt... but here are the TOP 5 that we are over the moon about from our 2015 Handbags Galley Calendar.

#5 Leather "Polena" bag with Plexiglas and leather applique, Arnoldo & Battois, 2013

The burst of color and fun inkblot-esque design make this bag both beautiful and fun.

2015 Handbags Calendar


#4 Tooled leather "Number One Four Zero" hobo bag with suede trim, t smith knowles, 2013

This bag is reminiscent of eras past, but still modern and sensual with its leather and suede. 

2015 Handbags Calendar


#3 "Heroine" structured calf-leather bag with suede sides, Alexander McQueen, 2013

This bag is the superhero of handbags. Its lines and curves, its drama and contrast, its form and function all lead us to believe it will triumph against evil. 

2015 Handbags Calendar


#2 "Lady Mia" bag with smooth leather body and suede top flap and handles, Karen K, 2013

The color and simple style of this bag represent everything we want from the year to come: grace, boldness, beauty, and efficiency.

2015 Handbags Calendar

#1  Leather "Anzari" bag with utility pouches, zippered pockets, and straps, Lorna Nixon, 2013

Army surplus meets high fashion with this stylish, show-stopping bag. It feels young and energetic, and the lines and movement add a tacticle sensuality to this lovely creation. 

2015 Handbags Calendar

2015 Handbags CalendarAbout Handbags 2015 Gallery Calendar

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