Rechazar to Reject

RechazarToday’s word of the day en español in the 365 Spanish Words A Year Page-A-Day® calendar is rechazar, which means reject in English.

Listen to the pronunciation of the word rechazar online now. 

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Let’s start by determining just how the word rechazar came into being. Interestingly enough, the word comes from cazar, or “to hunt.” Cazar, in turn, comes from the word for “chase.” Isn’t hunting seeking something out, rather than letting it go? Well, yes unless you think about it in another way. You’re hunting for an animal that you’ve rejected from your favor, or you’re hunting your enemy whose right to exist you have rejected. It may seem like a grim etymology, but it does explain how hunt became reject in Spanish.


Here are a few memorable sentences to remember the word rechazar by.


¿Por qué el rechazo dolía tanto? 
Why does rejection hurt so badly? 
¡No me rechace mi amor!
Do not reject me, my love!

(Photo from Flickr, credit: Nicolas Raymond)

Si rechaza el brocoli, no se puede comer el postre.

If you reject your broccoli, you can’t have dessert.


Rechazo Coping Strategies

All of us face rejection at some point in our lives, be it from a school we applied to, a job we wanted or in your first heartbreak. Here are some ideas from Dr. Fredric Neuman at Psychology Today for coping with life’s rechazos:

-Be realistic about your odds. If you applied for a very selective school or job and didn’t get it, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It just means there’s a lot of competition. Don’t give up and keep trying to apply to other schools or jobs to increase your chances of eventual acceptance.

-Throw multiple darts. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, spread them out. Apply to multiple schools. Search for lots of open jobs. If you’re trying to make new friends, reach out to lots of different folks.

-Remember that rejection is not a reflection of yourself! There are many reasons for rejection, and sometimes they’re quite complicated and have little to do with you.

So, take rechazo in stride! 

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